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Chewin the Fat


Well Hello Everyone & Welcome to the new site of action & entertainment……………Totally Driven TV !!

I wanted to give a quick introduction to myself & the site, as over the next few days I will be sharing some more introductions from other staff members of our site.

My name is Bay Ragni, and I am the man behind Totally Driven TV, and my column I will be doing will be called, “Chewin the Fat” which is what I will do with whatever topic I decide to talk about.

For the past year & a half, I had been working behind the scenes helping and guiding RC with Completely Damaged which was a fun & learning experience for us both. I saw what RC was doing, and loved his idea and wanted to expand on that and turn Damaged almost into a TMZ style site with news, info, opinions and the icing on the cake the interviews.

As many of you already know, I had a wrestling career, where I was a wrestler, manager, promoter, booker, & weekly radio talk show host. I did a lot in the business in a 13 year span, but while working with Damaged, I felt very limited with just the world of wrestling and started talking with a few of the writers I lined up about what if we did what we are doing with wrestling and expand it into other areas of entertainment.

The idea, everyone was very happy and excited about, except RC, because his vision of Damaged was a Wrestling interview show……..Completely Damaged is RC’s baby, and his vision & his site, and totally respect what he has done, and thank him for letting me help and be a part of something special the last 18 months.

This gave me the idea to go out on my own, and start my own site, to take that idea and expand into all worlds that I think should be covered.

So here we have the birth of Totally Driven TV.

We will still be covering Wrestling, but so far I also have these areas that my staff that I assemble & myself will be covering……….

TV & Movies


World of Wheels (Auto Racing, Cars, Motorcycles, Motocross, Anything on Wheels)

Comics & Collectibles



Food & Drinks



Video Games & Tech

Pro Wrestling & MMA

We will be having podcast & video interviews & shows


Driven “Darling of the Day”

Sooooooooo, we have lots of topics that can be covered, so if you are interested in being part of Totally Driven, please contact me & pitch me your ideas.

So please sign up on our FB page & Twitter to keep updated on our reports, shows & appearances.

And don’t forget the site as well



Thanks for reading about my new venture, and supporting. I hope you all enjoy it.

So there you have it……..I have gone from Completely Damaged to Totally Driven!!!

Driven to bring you the best in Entertainment !!!

Bay Ragni


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