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Chewin the Fat : Rick Springfield Harrah’s Chester 4/13/12 Review

Chewin the Fat

Rick Springfield 

Harrah’s Chester 4/13/12 Concert Review

As soon as I saw tickets where going on sale for Rick Springfield, 15 minutes from my house how could I say no.

Rick Springfield, aka Dr. Noah Drake of General Hospital fame, for all you GH fans in the know like myself, this was a great chance to see one of those guilty pleasures of music I have had for 30 years now, so I was not blowing this chance.

This was a small room probably only held about 1000 people, and we were pretty close to the action.

No opening act, just a 90 min set of Rick and his band playing music that spanned throughout his career.

Now I have to admit, I am just a casual fan, not one that has kept up with all of his music, especially his music of the past 20 years, but I was impressed.

Rick has some hard rocking music, which he seemed to really just want to crank the Amps to 10 and let loose and rock out, but realizes his fan base is more there to stare at him and his ass, which he kept proclaiming.

Rick interacted with the crowd, made some sexual jokes, kept picking on a few “older” members crowd, and even got them to sing along with him at one point.

Something that stood out to me was a few mothers, with young pre-teen daughters, who knew the words to ALL of Rick’s songs, not just the hits.  Where I myself was only able to sing along with the classics, like “I’ve Done Everything for You”, “Affair of the Heart”, “Love Somebody”, and of course “Jessie’s Girl”.

Which that was my only complaint, Rick should’ve just ended the show at that point, but came back out and did an encore of the classic “Wild Thing” and then his last song, was a new song. It built up nicely & peaked with Jessie’s Girl, there was no reason to keep going.

Overall was a great show, good time, and fun rock n roll show, with a bit of nostalgia.

Thanks for Reading

Bay Ragni

“Chewin the Fat” on Rick Springfield at Harrah’s Chester Casino, 4/13/12



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