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Man Cave Quarterback :Truth About Injured Sports Players

Man Cave Quaterback 

Frank Naimoli

Truth About Injured Sports Players

Do we as fans deserve the truth about players?

Chase Utley lied or did the Phillies lie? Somebody lied and the fans are paying the price. Do we as fans deserve to know the truth about player’s injuries? Yes we do. We pay good money and how many season tickets would the Phillies have sold if fans knew Utley was still hurt?

Phillies tickets have gone up in price almost every year since winning the World Series. Yet their winning has gone down. I don’t want to hear they have the best record in baseball Andy Reid is the winningest coach in Eagles history buy the last time I checked Eagles have never won a Super Bowl.

Utley is paid more money than most of us could spend so, No matter how you look at it all sports players are hired guns. They come here for the money and leave for the money, so if someone is hiding an injury I don’t care. I want to know and to be honest when you’re making that much money you owe it to the fans.

So why do sports teams treat us fans like crap?

Chris Pronger of the Flyers got hurt early in the 2011-12 season, but for months neither Him nor the Flyers would tell you if he was coming back. Which they knew, he wasn’t.

To me it’s all about the money if you knew Utley and Howard would not be playing, would you still have bought tickets? Ryan Howard tore his ACL and the wound he has from the operation is larger and deeper than most the Phillies knew.

They also knew there is no way it would be healed by May and might not even be healed until July. With Utley nobody knows when he will return.

I think we as fans have a right to know it’s our hard earned money. If I know that the team is not going to have the best product on the field in the first 3 months I will not get tickets until August. I understand an injury during the year happens and not much you can do but teams just lie to make a buck and that’s not right.

You don’t go to a car dealer and buy a car to find the dealer hid issues from you, that’s illegal.

Same thing if a team knows a player is out for a certain amount of time they should tell the fans we are buying a product that is 100% if you know before I buy that product that it is not 100% then it’s called fraud and The Phillies are guilty of it and should give refunds to the non-season tickets holders that bought tickets to see a full team.

What’s your take, do you think we need to know or are you ok being treated like a mushroom?

Let me know

Frank Naimoli

The Man Cave Quarterback



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