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Mav’s Comic Round-Up

Mav’s Comic Round-Up

Howdy folks, it’s time for another Comic Roundup. I hope you’re enjoying my column, and if you are you’ll be happy to hear I have more comic book related ventures coming here on Totally Driven TV. Expect more very soon on that front. I’m pretty excited. Let’s check out what I’ve been reading this week.

I’m beyond thrilled to hear that Roger Langridge’s “lost” Muppet comics will finally be published. One of the only real casualties of Disney buying Marvel was the loss of the Muppets and Pixar books at Boom studios.

I recently saw the “teaser” for Beware The Batman, the forthcoming animated series for Cartoon Network. Not much to see really, and nothing that stood our as “A cool, new take on the classic Dark Knight franchise” which is how Cartoon Network described the show. I will say however in all certainty that nothing that is ever truly “cool” has ever been deemed so because someone in marketing felt the need to tell us in a press release. I just hope it’s good.

I mentioned last week that there would be lots of news coming out of C2E2, well it looks like I was right. It seems that DC is planning a big event called “Trinity War” Lots of rumors about this one, many revolving around DC’s “trinity” of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. However from what I’ve read, we’ll find out more in DC’s New 52 FCBD special.

Are you ready for the Avengers Movie? I am, it’s going to be out of this world. May 4th can’t get here fast enough.

May 5…Free Comic Book Day… I’ll have A LOT more to say about FCBD in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

I recently heard that Eliza Dushku will voice She-Hulk in an upcoming Incredible Hulk(s) animated series. The series will be on Disney XD and will feature multiple Hulk-like characters from recent comic stories including Hulk’s son SKAAR.

The Pull List:

Nightwing #8
This one is called a Prelude to the Night of the Owls crossover, but I have to say, this one seems to be knee deep in it. This issues once again seems to happen side by side to this months Batman. We also start to get some back story on William Cobb, one of the Talon’s and Nightwing’s Great Grandfather.

Batman #8
Night of the Owls kicks off with an invasion of Wayne Manor and The Batcave. I loved the last panel of this one, after several issues of getting kicked around by the Court, it looks like Bats is ready to kick some tail.

AvX #2
It’s on. After last months first strike, this one is the beginning of the fight, and pretty much it’s just that. A fight between the two teams. Another good issue, a pretty fast paced read.

Justice League #8
This book continues to be one of the biggest misfires for me every month, and that makes me sad, because I LOVE the Justice League of America. This issue Green Arrow tries to get the team to let him join, and the JL go all mean girls on him. I can’t stand the New 52 version of Green Arrow. I just don’t like how he’s characterized. I’m not sure why, but Green Lantern is a huge tool in the Justice League, he’s a completely different person, which makes no sense since both JL and GL are written by the same guy.

The Avengers #1
This week Marvel was giving out free issues of Avengers #1. I like me some free comics so I grabbed a copy. I’m not sure why they decided to reprint this issue as a freebie, it’s from a few years ago, and best I could tell, doesn’t tie into either AvX or the upcoming movie. Still it’s a fun issue and it’s written by Brian Bendis with art by John Romita Jr. so it’s definitely worth picking up.

Peanuts #4
Snoopy becomes the Masked Marvel plus some more classic and new Peanuts strips. I’m really enjoying this new series. It’s got the spirit of the original Peanuts strips and specials

The Shadow #1
I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much experience with The Shadow, but I like many of the classic pulp heroes and many of the heroes who The Shadow inspired, so I decided to check this out. This one is written by Garth Ennis and we get an introduction to the Shadow and his world. I’m kinda on the fence with this one, I’m curious to learn more about the character, but the first issue didn’t really do much for me.



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