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Chewin the Fat : Tupac’s Hologram

Chewin the Fat 

By Bay Ragni

Keep the Lights On, or Shut Them Off……..

Recently this past week Tupac rose from the grave and performed in California at the big Coachella Festival alongside Snoop Dog & Dr. Dre. Yes, I said Tupac rose from the grave.

In case you haven’t heard a Hologram of the Slain rapper performed on stage one song, and then disappeared back to the heavens.

Here is the performance.

I have heard a lot of talk about this lately where instantly the buzz started will we start seeing more performances like this of deceased rock stars. Will we see full hologram concerts? Could holograms replace Tribute bands?

Could we see the King of Rock n Roll back on stage in a full tour, to shake his hips like he did 50 years ago. Would you like John Lennon to come back to life to sing Imagine?  Would you like to see Jim Morrison Light your Fire again and front the Doors? Would you want to Smell some Teen Spirit again, and see Kurt in front of Nirvana? A personal fave of mine, I would like to see Randy Rhoads alongside Ozzy again, wouldn’t you.

The options are truly endless, how about Heaven’s All –Stars with an All-star jam of Rockers who have left their fans wanting more.

Dr. Dre has said this was a onetime thing, which honestly I don’t believe. I think this is going to take off.

People for years, would pay money to go watch Closed Circuit TV boxing, wrestling sports events in arenas. People would pay money to go see laser light shows to the music of Classic Rock bands, which were no longer around. People would pay money to go see Tribute bands, which some of these bands are starting to do major tours and draw thousands of people.

Bottom Line, there is money to be made, and where money is to be made; people will be rising from their graves literally.

I think this will be the wave of the future, at first I was a little leary of all of this and was kind of against it. Then I just watched Tupac on stage, and I have to admit I enjoyed it.

Would I want to sit and watch a whole Tupac concert like that…………..No, but to use for one song, I felt was really cool to see, and especially when Snoop took the stage with Pac it was like watching a reunion. Snoop seemed to really enjoy the performance himself.

Dr. Dre released a video backstage at Coachella saying that this was done just for Coachella, not for a tour…………..but if a tour happens we will see. So the book is not closed on this at all.

Here is the video statement.

Like I said, this is going to happen, and you will see many of your other rockers & idols come back to life.

I have a feeling this won’t stop with music, could we see Sam Kinison take the stage again, or former Presidents come back to life to relive famous moments. Like I said the options are truly endless, and so is the money.

Too many people have paid a lot of money for merchandise, or music of a dead star, myself being one of them, so for a chance to see them come back to life, we will be paying again.

What’s your opinion on this, I would love to hear it.

This is Bay Ragni & I just “Chewed the Fat” on Tupac’s Hologram



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