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Monday Night Mav : 4/30 Rundown

Monday Night Mav 

Howdy Wrestling fans, it’s time for Monday Night Raw, um, starring Brock Lesnar. For those tuning in a week late, Last time on Raw Brock essentially held the WWE up for all sorts of goofy perks, including his name in the title of the show. Just go with it, it probably won’t last long.

We’re in Ohio tonight and Big Johnny The Ace Laurinaitis is out first to address us. Johnny claims that in one night, he revolutionized the WWE. I’m not sure when that was, or even how. Ok, it was last night, when Brock apparently changed the business by beating up John Cena and then losing to him… because that’s never happened before.

Big Johnny brings out Brock, who begins to talk about what happened last night. Thankfully though, he’s cut off by the arrival of Triple H.

HHH is here to do what Ace doesn’t have the guts to do. He pulls all the crazy perks that Lesnar wanted last week, saying Big Johnny didn’t have the authority to make all those promises. He tells Brock that he can either honor the original agreement or go home.

Ace tries to intervene on Brock’s behalf however Hunter tells him to shut up. Ace interrupts again and when Hunter turns to address The Dynamic Dude, Brock attacks him. Hunter starts to fight back but Brock catches him in an arm lock, snapping his arm. The locker room comes a running and Brock backs off. Hunter is tended to at ringside saying his arm was broken.

After the break and a handy recap for those who may have forgotten what happened two minutes ago, Hunter is backstage getting medical attention. Cole keeps saying that Brock “fired himself” with his actions tonight. Don’t you believe it!

Eve is out next, wearing glasses to make her look all official. She announce a beat the clock challenge to determine the number one contender tonight. The winner gets a title shot at CM Punk at Over The Limit.

-Beat The Clock Challenge Match
The Miz Vs. Santino
Miz is aggressive early on, going for the pin several times. I love that Miz has been using the double ax handle off the top rope lately. Santino makes a comeback, and goes for the cobra, but Miz reverses it into a back roll press. Miz wins the match with the Skull Crushing Finale at 4:18

-Triple Threat Divas Championship Match
The Bella Twins Vs. Layla
The Bellas are at each other a bit, since they’ll be against each other tonight. Layla dropkicks the Twins, and rolls up one of them for the pin. I’d like to write all sorts of things here about the Divas treatment, but what’s the point?

-Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Big Show Vs. Chris Jericho
WHAT? Big Show lost a tables match to Cody Rhodes last night?? They try to explain it, and it just sounds dumb. Apparently Show stepped on a table, it broke and they gave the match to Cody. I want my money back for last nights PPV and I didn’t even watch it. My favorite spot of the match was when Show chopped Jericho out of mid air. Show tried a small package, and it’s pretty funny watching him try anything with the word small in it.
The ending is a big fat mess, Jericho and Show are fighting outside, Show goes for a big kick but Y2J moves and Show crashes over the guardrail. The buzzer sounded before Jericho makes it into the ring, however the ref keeps counting, Show gets counted out and the ref declares Jericho the winner. It looked like the ref messed up something here, lots of confusion at the end of the match, even Cole and Lawler were confused.
We come back to find out that the official decision was changed and both Show and Jericho failed to beat the clock, and are out of the running.
WINNER: Chris Jericho… I think.

-Brodus Clay Vs. JTG
Cameron and Naomi are the names of the Funkettes. Hey look everybody JTG is on TV! Well it matters not, because he gets squished pretty quickly. No Hornswoggle tonight, I liked him and Brodus together. Funkasaurus brings some kids in the ring to dance with him.
WINNER: Brodus Clay

We get to see some photos of the Cena Vs. Lesnar match from last night, and Cena’s speech afterwards. This had to be a heck of a match, because the crowd was cheering Cena during his speech. Or maybe it was just editing, I don’t know.

We get some more recap of Brock and Triple H from tonight. I’m glad they did, I almost forgot what happened less than an hour ago.

Backstage in Johnny The Ace’s office, Teddy Long is wearing the funniest sign in the world. Our poor GM and executive vice president of talent relations is a mess, and Eve is trying to get him to pull himself together, however he only seems interested in starring at her boobs. Duh. Finally he comes to his senses and says he knows who Cena’s next opponent will be, and Cena won’t like it. I bet it’s Mantaur.

-Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Randy Orton Vs. Jack Swagger
Randy gets to see some pictures of his match last night on the Tron until Vicki interrupts to introduce Swagger. Another fast paced match, nothing new though, these two have wrestled a zillion times on Raw and Smackdown. Orton wins with the RKO, giving him the time to beat of 4:16.
WINNER: Randy Orton

-WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Primo and Epico W/ Rosa Vs. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston
Do you think they randomly pull names out of a hat to decided tag team contenders sometimes? If I remember correctly, the last time Kofi and Truth teamed was several months ago and they lost. So naturally they get a tag team title match tonight, even though two other teams have beaten the champs on Raw recently in non title matches. They even show E&P losing to Santino and Zack last week.

Little Jimmy is out with Truth as usual. They tell us randomly that the Bella twins were fired just now and the story is on WWE.Com Right Now! Personally, I would’ve waited to send people away from their TV sets until after Raw, but that’s just me. Primo kicks Lil Jimmy, which ticks off Truth who attacks Primo. The match is pretty entertaining albeit a short one, they work over Truth until he makes the hot tag to Kofi. Kingston really gets some air under him at times with that springboard into the ring, it’s a thing of beauty.
The end of the match sees Rosa try to distract Kofi, however it backfired as Truth hung Primo on the top rope allowing Kofi to hit Trouble in Paradise to win the tag team titles. The new champs celebrate afterwards. Lil Jimmy was VERY happy, jumping up and down and dancing. trust me, it happened.

So during the break I head on over to WWE.Com to see what the story is on The Bellas. The site posted this:

WWE.com has learned that The Bella Twins have been fired from WWE.
The news comes just one day after Layla defeated Nikki Bella to capture the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules.
Stay with WWE.com tonight for more details as they become available.

So that was enlightening.

Backstage Epico, Primo and Rosa are all yelling at each other in Latino, and A.W. comes up to them. The former champs agree to talk to him.

-Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Kane Vs. Giant Khali
4:16 seconds of my life I’m not getting back. Two big guys club each other for a few minutes. The match is a draw since they didn’t beat the time set by Randy Orton. The Viper is still, currently number one contender.

-Beat The Clock Challenge Match
Daniel Bryan Vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
This was a surprise, but a fun one since it’s always good to see the King in the ring. Bryan attacks the legend and is aggressive early on. Lawler gets some licks in, hitting with the big fist drop and a drop kick, but in the end Bryan reverse a piledriver attempt with a back body drop and won with the YES Lock. AS he celebrated in the ring, CM Punk’s music hits and the champ comes out to the ramp. The two face off, Punk holding up the belt and Bryan chanting, you guessed it, Yes.
WINNER: Daniel Bryan

All night we’ve been getting teased that we’ll learn who John Cena’s next opponent will be at Over The Limit, and now it’s time to find out, well after some more recaps from earlier tonight. Brock has allegedly been kicked out of the building as well.

John Cena comes out in a sling. No breaks, no tears. Lots of strained muscles, but he’s still here. Johnny The Ace joins Cena in the ring. Cena guesses that Ace got Zeus for his opponent to commemorate the DVD release of No Holds Barred. Darn, wish I’d thought of him. Ace says Cena should thank him, so he thanks him for being a jackass. Johnny Ace starts to announce Cena’s Over The Limit opponent when Lord Tensai’s music hits. Cena prepares to fight Tensai and Sakamoto when Ace hits Cena in the back of the head with the microphone. Ace announces Cena’s next opponent will be John Laurinaitis. The three then work over Cena’s injured arm. smashing it with a chair on the steps after lots of kicks and smashes.

Mavs View
The opening segment was very good. Brock was used correctly tonight, and the intensity he portrayed was very good. Brock also now has an effective submission move in his WWE arsenal. The best part is, he didn’t have to open his mouth much and kill the entire program like last night.
Laurinaitis’ full blown heel turn at the end of the night caught me off guard, but almost in a good way. When Tenzai came to the ring I was actually a little let down, I wanted something… bigger. And now we have it. I don’t know where things go from here, or how this will work out on PPV, but for tonight the surprise worked.
It looks like Ace’s tenure as GM is almost up, they’ve been building to it ever since Mania, maybe they’ll work it all out at the PPV… maybe we’ll have more next week.

CM Punk Vs. Daniel Bryan at the PPV ought to be interesting, from what I could tell, the crowd was more into Bryan tonight, or at least they were more into chanting YES. I don’t know how much longer Bryan will be able to stay heel as long as the Yes chants continue to gain steam, they’re even chanting it when he strikes people now. It’s not going away, so they might as well make money with it.

A handful of technical issues tonight, not as bad as a usual TNA show, but noticeable from RAW which is usually top notch all around. Even Cole and Lawler were thrown by it. MOst notable problems were sound problems for punk’s entrance, a few glitches with the graphics and you could hear the wrestlers talking in the ring, A LOT.

There’s going to be a lot of fallout next week, and we have a new number one contender, so next week should be interesting.



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