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The NFL Depot Intro by Dave Mest

The NFL Depot

by Dave Mest

Welcome to the NFL Depot! My name is Dave Mest and I’m going to bring you into my world as a NFL super fan. I grew up in the 70’s, but it wasn’t till the 1979 season that I really started paying attention. A few games really stood out to me, but none like what was on my parents TV one late January afternoon.

Super bowl XIV, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the then LA Rams. The Steelers would go on and win that game 31-19 in a back and forth game till a late 4th quarter rally, which started with a Terry Bradshaw bomb to John Stallworth. It was their 4th Super Bowl victory in 6 years and I was hooked!

Let me take the heat now I’m a Steelers fan. I grew up in a house with a Cowboys fan (Mom) and a Steelers fan (Dad). Just like any son would, I sided with Dad. I was always running around, as a kid with some form of football garb on. Whatever my Mom bought for me, till that 79 season it all changed.

Everything had to be Steelers from that point on. I’ve been a Steelers fan through thick and thin. In fact I can tell you a time when I was one of the only kids in my school wearing Steelers gear. I’ve had NFL Sunday ticket since 1998. I’ve made the trip up to Pittsburgh every year since 1999.  That has never stopped me from holding Philly close to the heart. I love the Phillies, Flyers and 76ers. I do have a very small spot for the Eagles. At the end of the day, the NFL and the black and gold won out.

As a 38, soon to be 39 year old man, football has always been my passion. Some would say passion is a “lite” word for me. As per my wife, and other friends and family, crazy and fanatical would be better words. I’m “that guy” that watches and reads anything football. I played football from age 7 through high school. I was never the biggest at 5″7, or the most talented, I made up for it with heart and determination. Though I never played past high school, I still get that itch on a mild autumn afternoon to suit up.

I’ve always wanted to work in the sports world, mostly the NFL, but instead the restaurant world won out. I’ve spent 15 years in that field 10 as management. I’ve spent the last 4 years working retail management. This would be my first shot at doing something I love, talking FOOTBALL!

What I plan on bring you each and every week is my view on all things NFL, with a little of this and that sprinkled in along the way.



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