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Mav’s Comic Round-Up

by Maverick

Free Comic Book Day Primer!

Howdy folks, It’s Maverick back once again for another Comic Roundup. This Saturday May 5, is Free Comic Book Day. I’ve mentioned it quite a few times in recent columns, however this week I figured we’d take a deeper look at the event, some of the comics that caught my attention, and some of the fun events happening that weekend.

Let’s start with the comics. Pretty much every major comic book publisher has at least one or two books available for FCBD, they range from reprints to sneak peeks of upcoming events to anthology books showcasing several books. These are special books printed especially for FCBD, and they’ll be the free comics given away that day.

One of the things that really excites me is that there are A LOT of all-ages and children’s choices available, so it’s a great time to introduce comics to younger readers. In addition to the comics, there is also a limited edition Thor HeroClix figure. Some store may have additional FCBD merchandise for sale or as a giveaway.

Just a small word of warning, some stores do have restrictions on how many titles you can choose, and pretty much all the comics are first come first serve. Comics and other goodies will vary by store based on what they’ve ordered. Many comic stores have special events, sales, signings, character appearances throughout the day, so check with your LCS to find out what’s happening.

I was looking through the “Gold” and “Silver” sponsored books on the FCBD website. Those are the books that will have higher print runs and will be easier to get a hold of essentially. They’re also the ones used for all the advertising. Here are some that caught my attention for various reasons:

DC New 52 Special (DC)
DC has been pushing this one HARD, stating there will be huge revelations in this issue. Also they’re promising a sneak peek at their “Second Wave” of New 52 books. There’s an awesome cover by Jim Lee on this one.

Star Wars/Serenity (Darkhorse)
My two favorite characters in all of Science Fiction together in a free comic book? SCORE! Han Solo and Mal Reynolds are featured in two different stories is sure to make this one a fan favorite, grab it quick!

Top Shelf Kids Club (Top Shelf)
Every year Top Shelf does a great job highlighting their all-ages titles during FCBD. This year looks to be no different, Owly is always a favorite of the children when I did my comic creators club and I really want to see what “Pirate Penguin Vs Ninja Chicken is all about.

This one is more of a curiosity than anything. I mean really, do we need another retelling of Spidey’s origin? Of course the same could be said about Superman and Earth one was an excellent read. So I’ll check it out and hope for the best.

Smurfs and Disney Fairies (Papercutz)
Ok, I’ll admit, this one is for my girls. No, really it is. Anyway, The Smurfs and Tinkerbell highlight this flip book by Papercutz. My girls are also interested in finding out about “Dance Class” which is also featured.

DC Nation/Superman Family Flip Book (DC)
One of my favorite books EVER was DC’s Tiny Titans, so I’m checking this one out to see what Art and Franco have planned for their new title, Superman Family Adventures. So far, I’m a little sad that they’re using the god awful new 52 costume, but I still have high hopes for this one.

Jurassic Strikeforce 5 (Zenescope)
I don’t care what it’s about, it’s called Jurassic Strikeforce 5 and has a bunch of gun totting armored up dinosaurs on the cover, it’s worth a look see.

Image 20 (Image)
an anthology from Image (obviously). Two of my favorites G-Man by Chris Giarrusso and The Invincible spin off Guarding The Globe are included, so it’s on my must grab list.

My Favorite Martian (Hermes Press)
Yeahbutwhat? A comic based on the classic sitcom from the 60’s starring Ray Walston? Yeah, that’s what it looks like, it even features Walton’s Uncle Martin on the cover.

There are LOTS of other books, including an Avengers story, Yo Gabba Gabba/Spongebob and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. So there’s really something for almost everyone.

If you’re in the Delaware County Area for FCBD, make sure to stop by my LCS, Comic Universe in Folsom Pa. They’re having a huge sale, door prizes and an appearance by yours truly who will be on hand making Balloon creations and entertaining the kids. I’ll also be doing a few special creations as decoration for the store. check out their website ComicUniverse.Net for directions and specifics.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you get out and have some fun this Saturday. I’ll have a full report with pictures, and maybe even a little video footage for you next week. I’m also hoping to get in a review of The Avengers movie also opening this weekend.

For more on Free Comic Book Day, or to find a participating comic store go to their website at freecomicbookday.com

Thanks for reading,

(Maverick is a children’s entertainer and longtime comic book fan. He’s hosted several educational workshops using comics as a creative tool and written for sever



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