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Chewin the Fat : X-Finity Live

Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

X-Finity Live………..I wish it was Dead

It’s time to Chew the Fat on X-Finity Live.

X-Finity Live, that family friendly place that our beloved Spectrum was being taken away from us. Where the new state of the art gathering place of the Philadelphia sports fans was to be built. The place where family, friends, and fans were to gather before or after games, or anytime of the day to enjoy a Philadelphia area sports themed meal.

One month after the grand opening of the new hallowed sports bar, there has been nothing been problems, problems, problems.

I actually took my family there opening weekend, before the Philadelphia Soul home opener, and after being there 5 minutes, I was disappointed, and regretted not going to Chickie & Pete’s.

We went to the Broad Street Bullies pub, which don’t get me wrong, The whole building itself, and theme and concept of it all is a very good one. But once you experience the place it is not.

The music which was cranking all through the whole complex, was so loud you could not talk to the people you are sitting with, or even communicate with your waitress. We sat at our table staring at each other, not being able to hear what was being said, and could not wait to get our food, scarf it down and get out of there. I just could not even think straight, I felt like I was in a night club, standing next to the PA speakers. This is coming from a person, who has been going to heavy metal concerts since 1984 & has played in heavy metal & punk bands with the mid-eighties as well.

My family walked out of there, and we said never again…………Fast forward to this past week.

The news story broke of underage drinking and rowdy behavior.

Which ok, the rowdy behavior is to be expected when you have sports fans, alcohol & Philly all mixed together. But underage drinking, within the first month of business, give me a break.

I’m sorry but X-Finity Live owners should be embarrassed by what is happening down at their new mecca for sports patrons.

What I also feel is a bigger joke, is that now they made it known they have purchased electronic id scanners for the complex to be used at every entrance. All the millions of dollars spent in putting together this new complex, did someone leave something off the shopping list.

They said over 300,000 people have been in there the first month alone. Did they really think people would be able to just check ID’s by the human eye. How is it, a small establishment like Fat Tuesday’s on South Street can card myself, and everyone who walks through the door by using an id scanner, but X-Finity Live could not figure this out until they get caught by the liquor control board.

That is just the beginning; they also now are offering staff members’ $100 bounties to help them spot rowdy drunks, or underage drinkers. So basically if an employee feels someone is too rowdy, they have them thrown out & get $100. If someone somehow gets passed the ID Scanner and is underage and an employee can spot they are underage and throw them out, they get $100. So do you think people will be getting tossed out like crazy, so people get $100 bonuses?

To me this whole X-Finity Live situation sounds like they bite off more than they can chew, and it also seems like they are not very experienced in the nightclub / bar scene.

Well to me this whole thing has been a disappointment, or it could just be I am still upset at the Spectrum being torn down.

I liked my idea; of instead of spending the millions to knock down the Spectrum, and then build X-Finity Live, and a shopping area & hotel like the original plans were, how cool would it have been to just convert the Spectrum into the Hotel, Restaurant, and shopping complex.

Maybe before we lose another classic arena like the Spectrum, another city can take my idea and make it a reality, just please make sure to put ID scanners on the shopping list BEFORE you open.

Thanks for Reading

Bay Ragni

Chewin the Fat




2 thoughts on “Chewin the Fat : X-Finity Live

  1. I went before a phillies game just to see what it was all about and absolutely hated it. aside from being packed to the gills, every resturant was a two hour wait at least. Finally I asked the hostess at the Broad ST bullies pub id we could eat outside and we were seateed right away. granted it was cold and raining. I wouldn’t do it again unless they changed some things

    Posted by Kim Jovinelli | May 9, 2012, 8:56 am
  2. I really don’t think they thought too much about what they were expecting, just saw $$$.

    Posted by totallydriventv | May 9, 2012, 9:43 am

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