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NFL Depot : NFC East Draft Grade

 The NFL Depot 

by Dave Mest


Welcome all to the NFL Depot! I’m Dave Mest your host. Let’s get to it! With the NFL draft in the books, over the next few weeks, I’ll bring you my draft grade for each draft pick each team by division. Another thing I plan to bring you each week is my personal “rant “on the sports world. So enough small talk, time for your NFL fix.

We jump into things with the Philadelphia Eagles: 

1st round: Fletcher Cox DT, Miss St. Grade A

2nd round: A: Mychal Kendricks LB,Cal Grade B-

B: Vinny Curry DE, Marshall Grade C+

3rd round: Nick Foles QB, Arizona C

4th round: Brandon Boykin CB, Georgia Grade B+

5th round: Dennis Kelly OT, Purdue Grade C+

6th round A: Marvin McNutt WR, Iowa grade A

B: Brandon Washington OG, Miami, FL grade B+

7th round: Bryce Brown RB, Kansas St Grade A

Dave’s take: I love the Cox pick he’s going to be a beast. I love his football sense, the way he flows to the ball and rushes the QB. I feel he’s going to be in the Eagles starting lineup for years to come. The next 3 picks I really question I thought Zack Brown would have been a better fit then Kendricks, but he will get the job done. I don’t understand the Curry pick; he’s going to be nothing more than depth on a deep D-Line. They could have used that pick to boost another area. The Foles pick is the one I really question, I know their looking for the future but I don’t see it here. I thought Cousins would have looked great in Eagles green. Boykin will be a great nickleback for this team but a bit undersized. Once you start to get past the fourth round, teams have to start and look at the best value. I think the Eagles did that here. I love McNutt. I saw the kid play several times last year, great hands and will be the red zone threat the Eagles need. Brown is a head case that was booted out of two top schools it’s only a 7 round pick if he’s anything as a pro they got a steal.

 Total grade A


Washington Redskins: 

1st round: Robert Griffin III QB, Baylor Grade A+

3rd round: Josh LeRibeus OG, SMU Grade C+

4th round A: Kirk Cousins QB, Michigan St Grade B

B: Keenan Robinson OLB, Texas Grade B+

5th round: Adam Gettis OG, Iowa Grade C

6th round A: Alfred Morris RB, FAU Grade C

B: Tom Compton OT, South Dakota Grade C

7th round A: Richard Crawford CB, SMU Grade C

B: Jordan Bernstine CB, Iowa

Dave’s take: RG3! I like the pick a lot. The kid seems to have the totally package. The one area I think he may struggle with is his footwork. RG3 played in the shotgun almost his whole college career. I can see Washington using, the same style playbook, Carolina uses for Cam Newton. The bust factor does have to be in the back of the Skins mind with this pick. Think Ryan Leaf. I don’t see it happening though. I don’t see the value there with LeRibeus. The Skins should have used this pick, to pick up RG3 a weapon.

Micheal Egnew and T.Y. Hilton where still on the board, both players would have brought better value. The Kirk Cousin pick just screams “future QB controversy”. They better hope RG3 pans out or it could get real ugly in Washington. I like Keenan Robinson a lot, great pick should start next year and play special teams this year. The next five picks just run together. Like I stated before, the name of the game after the 4th round is, it’s all about best value. I don’t think the Skins did enough in the later rounds.

Total grade C


NY Giants:

1st round: David Wilson RB, Virginia Tech Grade A

2nd round: Rueben Randle WR, LSU Grade A+

3rd round: Jayron Hosley CB, Virginia Tech Grade B

4th round A: Adrien Robinson TE, Cincinnati Grade B

B: Brandon Mosley OT, Auburn Grade B+

6th round: Matt McCants OT, UAB Grade B

7th round: Markus Kuhn DT, NC State Grade C

Dave’s take: Once again, Big Blue got it done in the draft. David Wilson could be the best value at running back. Wilson has room to grow, he doesn’t have to be a sure fire thing right away.

Unlike Richards (Brown’s 1st round pick), Wilson will be eased into the mix. Wilson has the vision, speed, and toughness to be a very good NFL back. I love Rueben Randel! This guy has all the tools to be a great wide out speed, great hands, and size 6″4,208 lbs.  Randel should replace Mario Manningham. Hosley, a good pick here, would have been a higher pick, but his size played a factor here. 5″10, 178LBS, is what the NFL looks for in a corner but I think once Hosley beefs up a bit he will be fine. Look for Hosley to be a special teams guy and nickel or dime back his first year.

Robinson has a chance to play a lot this year. With the Giants losing two tight ends in the Super Bowl, Robinson had playing time dropped in his lap. All he has to do is seize it. Mosley and McCants should compete for a roster spot. Look for one of these guys to add depth to a good Giants O-line. I see Kuhn as a practice Squad player. Like the size, 6-4,304LBS, but very raw.

Total Grade B+


Dallas Cowboys:

1st round: Morris Claiborne CB, LSU Grade A+

3rd round: Tyrone Crawford DE, Boise St Grade B+

4th round A: Kyle Wilber OLB, Wake Forest Grade C+

B: Matt Johnson S, Eastern Washington Grade C+

5th round: Danny Coale WR, Virginia Tech Grade B-

6th round: James Hanna TE, Oklahoma Grade B-

7th round: Caleb McSurdy ILB, Montana Grade D+

Dave’s take: Dallas moved up in the draft to grab the best corner. Claiborne should start and should be a fixture in Dallas’s secondary for the long haul. Claiborne has the size 6″0, 185, the speed and a good skill set. He can be a bit aggressive, but with some coaching up he will be fine.

Crawford should be a solid player, not a lot of flash, but will get the job done. Wilber and Johnson will add special team dept. Johnson could challenge for some playing time at safety, a very weak position for Dallas. Coale could be a very good slot WR and a special team’s guy.

The best value came in the form of TE James Hanna. Hanna has the skills set to be a good 2nd TE. With soft hands and good size, 6″4, 243, Hanna should do well. If McSurdy makes the team, look for him as a special team’s guy. I only see him as a project that will spend time on the practice squad.

Total Grade B

Dave’s Rant: I sat through most of this year’s NFL draft. What should have been, and normally is, a good football fix, turned out to be a pain in the butt.

This draft had everything you could want out of the first round. We had trades, quick picks, players going before projected (by the millions of mock drafts), and the players dropping out of the 1st round.  Should have been great TV. The key word “great”. It was anything but “great”.

I can take the first 10 to 12 guys being interviewed, but almost every freaking player! That’s right almost every player! I’m sitting here with my buddy watching this thing only to see the teams are 2 picks ahead of what where seeing. Why? Because, first we have to have a million pictures taken, then not only does Deion Sanders have to interview the player, but the dumb blonde that ESPN throws up there does too.

Then we go to the same freaking series of TV adds. OHHHH! Then the next pick is in (keep in mind where still two picks behind), it’s more of the same over the next three hours. Plus, throw in the talking heads that love almost every pick. The way this draft was going, it should have been over in two hours.

To make matters worse the next night, Rounds 2 and 3 where more of the same. I didn’t know we now interviewed 2nd and even the odd 3rd round player. My take, that’s what your local news outlet is for.

After all this, I didn’t make it to day three till it was almost over. I was watching in amazement, looking for that 6th round draft pick interview. The interview never came. Oh well there always next year Mr. Goodall. I guess the days of keeping it simple are gone for good.

I’ll be back (lol) with my take on the NFC North’s draft grade and another rant. Till then SEE YA!



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