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NFL Depot : A Rant from a Fan about Drunken Fans

The NFL Depot

By Dave Mest Jr.

A Rant from a Fan about Drunken Fans

Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m Dave Mest your host. Now let’s get to it! I’m going to bring you a quick “rant” today.

I was watching the Phillies game the other night, on ESPN. At around the 8th or 9th inning I hear a drunken slur of a” Let’s Go Flyers” chant. Now keep in mind I’m watching a baseball game.

The thing that upsets me is the fact the Flyers game was over for about 45 to an hour, and they lost. Add on top of that you’re in another freaking state!

I’m sick and tired of the city of Philadelphia being the blunt of national TV jokes. That’s all you hear “oh they threw snow balls at Santa”, the list goes on. Can we as Philly fans for once in our lives not go to a stadium and get liquored up, to the point that we have no idea as to what we are doing or saying?

Like the two bozos that beat the crap out of the Rangers fan, after the Winter Classic. Great job! You just beat up an off duty police officer and a war veteran, that fought for our freedom! Then it gets plastered all over the TV and the net. Great job once again!

You can’t tell me “Oh it’s because they are a fan of another team”. I might take some heat for this but, who freaking cares! We are in America!

But, the worse part here is, it doesn’t end with just fans of other teams. Like the jack-wagon that threw up on the father and his kids, they were what? Phillies fans! Great job again!

I get the passion, I have it too. Passion and liquored up are two different thing. It’s time for us as fans, to start taking responsibility for our actions. Let’s start to bring some pride and that passion back to Philly.

I’m not going to stop here, with just Philly fans. I want to challenge all sports fans. Start taking responsibility for your actions, respect the fact everyone has the freedom of choice, and watch how much you drink. It might just save some lives’.

Till next time, when I bring you back to my draft review see ya.

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