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Kobayashi Breaks 2 World Records at Harrah’s Philadelphia RE-Opening

 Kobayashi Breaks 2 World Records at Harrah’s Philadelphia RE-Opening

Chester, Pa – Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Pa had their grand re-opening of their Casino today, formerly known as Harrah’s Chester is now Harrah’s Philadelphia.

Harrah’s had some local celebs on hand as well as a world record even to mark this special day.

Two former Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Westbrook & Jeremiah Trotter were in attendance, as well as 97.5 The Fanatic’s Tony Bruno. Philly Cheesesteak Icon Tony Luke as well as his friend the Recent Wing Bowl Champion and World Record Holder for many food records Kabayashi.

The Ceremony had Harrah’s officials making announcements of the name change of the Casino, as well as new restaurants opening at the Casino, including a new Tony Luke’s. There will also be more entertainment there on their new “Patio” as well as big name concerts, which tomorrow night Lynyrd Skynyrd will be in concert.

They also had on hand a 20 foot cheese steak compliment of Tony Luke, as well as a huge cannoli.

The main attraction though was Kobayashi, who broke 2 World Eating Records in one attempt. He did the Official Harrah’s Food Challenge.

The challenge is designed to create a new category in the Guinness Book of World Records, and will include Takeru Kobayashi who will attempt to break his current World Record for the quickest time to consume a cheesesteak (courtesy of Tony Luke’s), in under :24 second. The new category will include one Cannoli from Varallo, a 10” Margherita pizza from Caffe Napoli and Macaroni & Cheese from BarleyQue.

Well Kobayashi beat his Cheesesteak record by doing it in 23.4 seconds, as well as defeating the Harrah’s Food Challenge in 1:52 seconds.

There was a Ribbon Cutting ceremony as well as the 20 ft. Cheesesteak cutting ceremony in which they handed out to all in attendance.

The 5 celebs on hand then gathered downstairs at a section set up to sign autographs, now this was where the only bad part came in. The two former Eagles on hand only stayed for about 10-15 minutes, and would only sign a limited number of autographs which was for about 25 people. There was another 10 -15 people in a second line, which needed to wait including myself, so the original lineup of people could get their autographs, and the Eagles players could leave.

This was very lame, and most likely came down to a money issue, where they were only paid to sign X amount of autographs for people. There was a lady in line screaming and begging them to stay to get their attention, and they would not look at her, or make any acknowledge.

So a joyous event for Harrah’s, kind of ended on a slightly sour note. Tony Luke, Tony Bruno & Kabayashi made sure to sign for everyone, and talk with fans a greet fans, and were real class acts.

Harrah’s Philadelphia, seems to be ready to take things up a notch and is really trying to take Atlantic City off the map even more.




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