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Jay Z. & Budweiser bring “Made in America” 2 day Festival to Philly ! (Video & Pictures Inside)

 Jay Z. & Budweiser bring “Made in America” 2 day Festival to Philly !

Philadelphia, Pa – Could it be……..Philadelphia will be getting Worldwide attention in a positive light reminiscent of the days of the Live Aid concert. Well it seems that way.

This morning on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia Mayor welcomed Hip Hop Superstar, Businessman, entrepreneur Jay Z. to Philadelphia for this huge announcement and press conference.

The Art Museum was surrounded with convoys of Black Navigators, Yukons & Tahoes which brought Jay Z’s entourage and other dignitaries with him.

The Press conference which started 20 minutes late was actually not too eventful,  you basically already heard on the local Philly news this morning.

The concert is sponsored by Budweiser and called “Made in America” and will be a two day festival featuring 28 acts ranging from rock to rap to R&B to Latin style music on three stages.

The two day concert will be September 1st & 2nd, and be held on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Tickets will be going on Sale May 23 and be $99.

Jay Z took the stage at the press conference, and seemed to really not know what to say, and he didn’t say much. None of the acts performing where announced, only act confirmed is Jay Z himself which will be headlining the festival.

There are rumors of Philly natives, The Roots as well as Rihanna.

Part of the proceeds of this will be going to the United Way.

The highlight of the press conference was after Jay Z. addressed the crowd, he hopped down off the stage, and came down to try to greet the some 4 – 500 Fans of his that were in attendance hoping to get a glance at the star. With a lot of “We Love you” & “Where’s Beyoncé” screams from the crowd.

Jay Z. who let’s face it, is probably one of the biggest and most powerful names in entertainment today even being an owner the NBA’s Nets could have chosen any city in the country, New York, New Jersey, or even Hollywood but what better place for the “Made In America” Festival, then where America was made………Philadelphia.



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