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Man Cave Quarterback : You’re Fired !! Now You Go !!

Man Cave Quarterback

by Frank Naimoli

You’re Fired! Now you go!

You’re Fired! Words that every person reading this fears the only people on earth that don’t fear them two words are pro athletes. Why because they have something we don’t guaranteed contracts. How nice would it be for you to get a fat raise and know you’re going to get paid for 9 years no matter what. Then you decide you’re not going to work hard because you already got your money? Well that’s a sad fact in today’s sports. It’s one of the main reasons the NBA is in the shape it’s in. They hand kids million dollar contracts and they just don’t care.



 Remember the Derrick Colman 76ers years? He got a cut on his pinky and sat out for 12 games and played lazy for his whole time here. Ryan Howard has done little to live up to his 25mil so far. Some more bad contracts, how about Bobby Bonilla will be collecting a pay check from the Mets for 25 years.



Grant Hill received a $93 million contract from the Magic. He never played up to that kind of Money.



Ryan Leaf may be the biggest bust in NFL history 32 million for 4 sad years.


In 2006 the New York Islanders signed Rick DiPietro to a 15-year, $67.5 million contract. The team is losing every year and Rick always seems to be injured.

A-Rod’s 10-year, $252 million contract from the Texas Rangers had to be really disappointing when A-Rod was unable to lead the team to the World Series. It was just bad news for Texas as they ended up trading Alex to the New York Yankees where Alex won the MVP twice and went on to win the 2009 World Series. Texas even had to pay 67 million of A-Rod’s contract with New York


And yes even Managers get in on the scam, in 1997 the Boston Celtics signed Rick Pitino to a seven-year, $70 million contract, but Pitino wasn’t a player – he was the coach. The legendary University of Kentucky coach was brought to bring the Celtics back to glory. The exact opposite happened, as the Celtics failed to make the playoffs in his four-year tenure. He was canned in 2001.


The time has come for a change. The NFL is the only league that does not guarantee most of its contracts and the players play harder for it because they know they can be fired. I think it’s time all leagues live like the real world and stop the guaranteed contracts.



What is a person’s motivation to work when he already has his money and more money that most of us could ever spend? Imagine if McDonalds gave guaranteed contracts you would never get your fries.



Chase Utley hid an injury for the Phillies and is still going to get paid. Because, he has a guaranteed contract. Do you think Chase would be doing the same if he could be fired? We should not have to wait to see if this guy can still play only to find out he can’t.



 I understand injuries happen and you can’t fire people that are hurt, but players are compensated well for the injuries and most have insurance and shame on them if they don’t. But when a player milks an injury or just can not flat out play anymore they should get fired. Nobody should be able to stay on a team if they can’t play.



In Boxing if a boxer can’t box he doesn’t get any money. Same should be true with sports, if your too old because of a lifetime of injuries, you can’t do your job then you should go. If I can’t do my job anymore I lose it.



If Sport’s really wants to fix the laziness and all the slacking, go to a system where if you can perform you get paid, if not you get fired.



 You will see better games and players will not be so stupid with their money. We all have to work for our money I think it’s about time some of these sports players did too



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