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Monday Night Mav : 5/21 Raw Recap

Monday Night Mav 

by Maverick

It’s the night after The Over The Limit PPV and Monday Night Raw Supershow is live tonight from Richmond Va.

The show begins with a recap of the controversial ending to the John Cena Vs. John Laurinaitis match from last nights Over The Top PPV.

John Cena hits the ring, Michael Cole is back to playing the obnoxious jackass, which is a shame, he’s been almost a decent announcer the last few weeks when he was noticeably more subdued. Cena pretty much does what you’d expect here, he runs down Ace, accuses Show of selling out etc.

In one of the greatest moments in Raw history, Ace comes to the ramp on a people power branded hoveround. Then with Eve’s help, he stands and leans on a crutch that’s about four sizes too small for him. He claims he’s all busted up. Broken everything apparently. Big Johnny explains to us why he resigned Show on Saturday. Oops. They screwed their own storyline up there. One of the stipulations was if any WWE Superstar interfered he’d be fired. That’s how the entire universe knew Show was interfering at the PPV to cost Cena the match.

The dynamic dude announces that anyone who touches him, is terminated. The Gm brings out The Big Show and announces Show Vs. Cena for No Way Out. the crowd in Richmond thinks Show is a sell out.

Big Show says he got no sympathy from the crowd when he got fired. Show of course did what he had to do. He’s got a family to think about, and the Jingle all the way residuals aren’t what they used to be. He hits us with “How dare we judge me”, and all the typical I just turned evil cliches’. Show promises to knock Cena out at the PPV, and leaves.

David Otunga comes out, with that goofy cape jacket thing draped over him. Otunga says Cena lost to his boss last night and he’s now going to lose to him. Cena tells him to go watch Law and Order, because he’s not in the mood. Otunga dedicates the match to Big Johnny.

David Otunga Vs. John Cena
Otunga runs away like a little girl, and Cena chases. Otunga cuts off Cena and tries to beat him down. It doesn’t last and Cena hits the AA and STF for the win.
Inexplicably Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Curt Hawkins, and Tyler Rex attack Cena. Sheamus runs out, damn near killing Ace in the process. The World Champ helps Cena clear the ring. Ace sends his flunkies to the back, and announces a 2 on 3 handicap Lumberjack match for Sheamus and Cena.
WINNER: John Cena

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Randy Orton
Ricky Riccardo Rodriquez hits the ring to announce Alberto, however he gets interrupted by Santino Marella.
Santino thinks Riccardo’s accent, and eyebrows are ridiculous. And thinks he knows nothing about “introductioning”. They then get into a ridiculous R rolling contest until Santino knocks him out with the Cobra. These two need a sitcom together.

Santino then does his own introduction of Del Rio, who apparently comes from “some crazy place in Mexico”. In the middle of the entrance, they plug Raw’s 1000 show and three hour Raw. Strange.
Del Rio drives out and he’s either pissed that Santino introductioned him, or that they ran a commercial in the middle of his entrance. Oddly, Santino leaves the ring.

Lawler and Cole address the earlier snafu about Show being rehired before the PPV, Cole claims it was a verbal contract. It’s a cover, not a good one, but a cover nonetheless.

Del Rio works the arm most of the match. Orton makes his big comeback, hitting all his moves and completely no selling that he had his arm worked over for ten minutes. Orton gets ready to hit the RKO, when Chris Jericho hits the ring and gives Orton the Codebreaker. He then repeatedly yells into the mic that’s he’s the best in the world at what he does. Hits another Codebreaker and then asks Orton if he understands.
WINNER: Randy Orton via DQ

YES, Daniel Bryan is out next… wait… he’s not Yessing. He’s… angry.
Oh, he’s angry because he made CM Punk tap out… after he got pinned. Danny boy decides it’s QnA time, Q1. Did he make Punk Tap…. Should he be WWE Champ… Ah, genius. The crowd is chanting NO at him. That’s awesome.

Out comes CM Punk. He shows some footage of Bryan setting Punk up to get murdered by Kane on some show called Smackdown. Punk is happy to introduce Bryan’s opponent. Kane.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Kane
Punk stays at ringside to chat with Cole and Lawler.
Bryan tries to cut Kane down, and has some early success. Crowd has kept the “NO” chant going.
Kane and Bryan end up outside the ring, Punk grabs a chair goes to set Bryan up the same way he was set up on Smackdown. Bryan tries to stop him and Kane sees him with the chair. Kane of course doesn’t take this lightly and beats Bryan with the chair repeatedly. He then chokeslams him twice. All the while Punk was enjoying the scene while back on commentary.

After Kane leaves, Punk goes to “Check on” Daniel Bryan. he puts him in the anaconda vice and Bryan taps. A very happy Punk then starts a yes chant.

After a word from our sponsor Punk is backstage AJ stops him to tell him he enjoyed him beating Bryan. Punk essentially calls her guano crazy and she bursts into tears. Way not to be crazy. Punk awkwardly tries to console her, and ends up hugging it out with her. He tells her he sorta digs crazy chicks and leaves.

We get a recap of Paul Heyman slapping Triple H with a lawsuit, and Triple H slapping Heyman. We’re informed that H is meeting with WWE’s legal team to discuss what to do next. Those clowns? Last time they got involved in anything, we got stuck with the lousy WWE name.

Christian joins us next, who is the new Intercontinental Champion after winning a battle royal and then defeating Cody Rhodes. Wow busy night for him.

Christian Vs. Jinder Mahal
Jinder Mahal is ringside putting his turban in a fishtank. I like Mahal, a lot. I think in a few years he could be a very good villain. A pretty OK Raw match, I don’t see these guys all that much so it was a nice break from the usual. Not much heat, they just rasped. The big finish sees Mahal set Captain Charisma up for the camel clutch but Christian sneaks through his legs and connects with the kill switch. Instead of the pin he goes to the top and hits a frog splash for the win.

Kelly Kelly is in Maxim magazine, so she’s up next. It’ll be the first time she’s been on TV since the last time she was in Maxim probably.

Beth Phoenix Vs. Kelly Kelly
Beth is pretty ticked off about losing last night to Layla, so she starts off strong, whooping on Kelly. Oops, an early three count by the ref, even through Kelly kicked out. He covered and called it two. It cracks me up that Kelly has to hold her boobs in every time she does the flying head scissors.
Kelly does a nice bak handspring into the corner, however Beth smashes her from behind before she connects. Phoenix hits her with the glam slam to get the win.
WINNER: Beth Phoenix

Ooh, They’re doing a best of Clash of Champions DVD. I hope they fill it with the early stuff, some of those shows were fantastic.

Sheamus and John Cena Vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Tensai
It’s time for the handicapped tag team lumberjack match. Wow that’s a long gimmick match name. Excuse ME! Vicki is out, so we know Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are involved in the match. Dolph is wearing a pink shirt that’s so bright it’s messing with the color on my TV. Tensai is their partner. Apparently he’s lost his Lordship.
The lumberjacks are all the bad guys, no surprise there.

Wow Tyler Rex, Curt Hawkins and Jinder Mahal are all on TV twice in one night. They’re usually not on twice in one month.
Big Johnny stops by to watch, but doesn’t seem to stay.
Early on Sheamus gets sent to the floor, but he attacks the lumberjacks. Numbers is the story as Cena and Sheamus fight valiantly but are constantly cut off by the horde at ringside. Nothing new or surprising here.
Big Show comes out on the ramp. Sheamus finally makes the tag to cent and the crowd absolutely erupts. That’s the sign of good heat right there. Sheamus gets pulled off the ring apron and gets mugged by the villains. Cena tries to help, but they gand up on him too.
Eventually the other half of the locker room clears out and we end up with a HUGE fight. Cena runs backstage to look for Big Show. He finds Big Johnny, who doesn’t know where Show is. Cena turns around and just gets clocked by Show.

Cena lay dead as Show walks away to end the show.

Mavz View:
Maybe I’ve been around the world of rasslin’ too long, but the predictability of The Big Show turn and his speech that came right out of the rulebreakers handbook is dragging interest away from this feud. I like both these guys, but unless things change story wise, I don’t think there will be a lot to keep interest up. I do like that Show is a giant once again and not a whiny little girl as he’s been portrayed since the Daniel Bryan feud.

The Santino spot was funny, but I’m not sure what’s happening there. It seemed like they were leading to a feud between him and Cody that would hopefully unify the titles, however that seems to be abandoned. It was nice to see Christian back. he always adds to the program, though I expect a heel turn out of him sooner than later, he just is a better heel.

Overall tonight seemed to be aimless. Not too much happened with the exception of the Show Cena story. No real movement in the Brock Lesnar story either. I guess they need to spread that out since he’s rumored to be on a limited deal. It was nice to see a handful of guys on TV who usually just take up space in catering, even if they didn’t do much.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.



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