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The NFL Depot : The OTA’s

The NFL Depot

by Dave Mest

The OTA’s 

Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest. Just like always, without a lot of hype,

Let’s Get To It!   I’m coming back at you today, with another quick “Rant”.

You see, as an NFL fan, there are a few things that bug me about the league, I’m going to throw up one of those things on the big boy board today.


For those of you wondering, what the heck is an OTA ? It stands for” Organized Team Activities”. It’s a nice term the NFL came up with. All the term means is practice. You see with all the crap with the lawyers, league rules and unions, a practice can no longer be called a practice. Not at least while it’s in the off season.  So, we as NFL fans get OTA’s.

OTA’s usually run three to four days, for three weeks spread out over May and June. It’s nothing more than a way for the teams to get a close up look at draft picks and free agents.

Let me get to the meat and potatoes of said “Rant”. I think what really ticks me off about the whole “OTA” thing is the coverage. You see, it’s bad enough what they did with the draft, I’ve already put my two cents on that nightmare. Who I mean by “they” is all the talking heads, at the networks. Your ESPN’s, NFL Network, Fox sports and anyone else that has a part in the NFL circus.

With said coverage you get the same interviews and the same answers, from the same players. If something of a story does come out of the OTA’s, you then hear about the story for the next few weeks, till the next set of OTA’s. I’ll give you a great example of what I’m talking about.

The Steelers, in the off season, changed offensive coordinators. So since the start of OTA’s all I’ve heard is Ben Roethlisberger isn’t happy with Steelers new playbook. Since Big Ben has come out and stated “It’s like reading the Rosetta Stone”, everyone under the NFL sun has come out and said he’s not happy. Even though the words “not happy” have not left his tongue.

The only thing he has said was, he wasn’t happy with  the departure of long time Steelers OC Bruce Arians. Since this one freaking story has broken, I can’t tell you how many forms of this story I’ve seen. It has turned into overkill, just like any of the other story’s that have broken since the start of the wonderful OTA’s.

Truth be told, most of these stories would be a non-factor, if we were in training camp or any other phase of the NFL season. My take is, I think the NFL uses the OTA’s as nothing more than a way to keep its name in the headlines. At a time when hockey and basketball crown a new champion and the start of a new baseball season, the NFL feels it has to let everyone know it’s still king.

I’ll be bring you some “Rants” over the next few weeks. I hope to dive back into my draft grade soon. But for now I have to keep it simple, because I’ll be moving over the next few weeks. Till the next one! See Ya!  You can hit me up on Facebook at Dave Mest Jr or on twitter @blitzburgh6



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