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Chewin the Fat : Philly Comic Con 2012

Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

Philadelphia Comic Con 2012

Welcome back to another Chewin the Fat article, where this time around I am going to review the 2012 Philadelphia Comic Con convention which just wrapped up this weekend.

This is the annual comic convention which started I think just over 10 years ago. I have been to almost everyone except I think one.

Each year, I cannot say if they are getting better or not.

When these first started it was about comic books, and comic based collectibles. It was the place to go to find your back issues you were missing, or the hard to find figures, or old collectibles from when you were a kid.

The fans, pack the place every year, and I think it might have been $20 to get in the 1st year, and there would be a handful of stars on hand that were signing autographs.

The fans also were not all dressed up; they were in normal clothes and just out looking for deals and bargains and to fill voids in their collection.

The convention also only had a few stops around the country, with Philly being one of the stops.

Each year they have added more stops around the country, and are slowly making this a traveling circus.

It also seems that each year it was getting bigger and bigger with more and more dealers, and more n more fans, and more n more collectibles, and more n more celebrities.

It was well worth the money I felt each year, and was a fun day out for the family because there was something there for everyone to enjoy.

Now it seems this whole Comic Con experience is literally just a complete cash cow money making machine.

The dealers now range from small selection of comic dealers, action figure dealers, plush & stuffed dealers, comic underwear dealers, t-shirt dealers, sword & weapon dealers, to so much more.

There used to be an artist row, that row is now a neighborhood. There is just so much to experience and soak in, in all honesty it is hard to do in just one day, which is all I went for, and usually all I go for. Why you ask. I can give you the answer in one simple word. MONEY !

Remember I said it was I think $20 to get in back when these conventions originally started, well this year it was a whopping $50 per person. Luckily I went on Kids Day, so my youngest daughter was free, but still it cost $150 for my family just to walk in the door.

In all sense of reality I bet my life that there are people that literally spend upwards of $1000 on a weekend like this.

They have packed these shows with celebrities as well, which is the part I now enjoy the most, but you have to figure most of these celebs charge $30 – $40 for an autograph and another $30 to get a picture with them.

Some top name celebs like William Shatner charges upwards of $100.

These prices I really think need to come down a little bit, and be more accommodating to fans that cannot spend a $1000 on a weekend, or a day of exploring the complete world of Comic Con.

Overall I think the Comic Con’s each year have truly gotten better, where for a couple years it was pretty stagnant but the last 2 or 3 years they have really gotten better.

They have really taken these conventions to a bigger scale, to where now it seems if you are not in a costume, you do not belong. They even expanded this year to 4 days, and started it on Thursday night.

The number of celebs and the level of celeb continue to grow; it is truly becoming an event each year where if you have ever bought one comic book in your life, you must be there.

The only honest complaint I have is just the money, where the prices of things have soared through the roof.

Also too the crowd, if you can tolerate a crowd, then the biggest day to go is Saturday. I did that once, and never again. I always go on Sundays, because the crowds are a lot smaller, and lots of the dealers are looking to make deals to blow out their inventory and make money.

So my suggestion is to start saving now for the 2013 Comic Con and you might be able to fully enjoy next year’s extravaganza.



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