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The NFL Depot : The NFL & DUI…..Do the Right Thing !!!

The NFL Depot

by Dave Mest Jr.

The NFL & Detroit Lions …….Do the Right Thing !!! 

Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your raving lunatic of a host Dave Mest! Back in the saddle with another “Rant”!

Today, I’m going to bring something to the table that has ticked me off for a long time. I’m sick of that over paid pro player thinking they can do what they want, without any consequences.

There has been too many of these players to mention. Right now, I’m going to take aim at one of those bone heads. That would be one Nick Fairley.

If Nick Fairley sounds familiar to you it should. Fairley, is a pro football player, he plays for the Detroit Lions. He’s the Lions Number One Draft Pick from last year out of Auburn. You see this bonehead has been arrested twice in a month span. The first time this guy was hauled off to jail was for, possession of marijuana and speeding. The second time our contestant for bonehead of the year award was pinched, because he was doing a 100 MPH, had an open container of alcohol and tried to run from the police.

This guy really needs to be made an example of. For once, money shouldn’t be a factor, as well as a lawyer’s status, or the fact Mr. Fairley, and I use the term Mr. loosely, is a football player. He should be judged just like you, and I. There should be no back room deal, nor plea deal. It should flat out be “you did the crime you do the time”.

Mr.Goodall likes to flex his NFL muscle, nothing should stop him from doing so in this case. Fairley, should receive at least an eight game suspension,(I would like it to be a season long suspension, but his player union would cry foul.)With a trip to the drug and alcohol list, where players are tested as many times seams fit by the NFL doctors. On top of the random testing, he should be hit with the top fine of $500,000.

I think the Lions should step up to the plate, and suspend Fairley themselves. For once an NFL team, or any pro team for matter, shouldn’t have to be told by said league to do the right thing. The right thing for that matter, is suspend Fariley, without pay, till the league makes a decision. The Lions have a chance to set precedence with Fariley. Do the right thing Detroit! Suspend him now!

The sad part is, I don’t see the Lions suspending Fairley. It’s going to be business as usual. The Lions will not act till told by the NFL.

Even worse, this just sends a message to the youth of this country, if you’re a pro football player, or play for any other pro league, you can do what you want with very little consequence. Someone is going to be there to clean up your mess.

What needs to happen here is, the NFL or the Lions need to step in and say where not going to clean this up for you. They need to tell Mr.Fairley you’re on your own till this mess is cleared up. He should be suspending without pay till everything is said and done.

Truth be told, what going to happen here on the NFL’s end is Fairley will enter the NFL drug and alcohol program. He’ll get a four to eight game suspension, with a good behavior clause, and a fine.

As far as the legal matter goes, I don’t see much more the usual here. His agent will find him an attorney(that you and I couldn’t even think about affording). That lawyer will cut him a deal. He will probably get hit with a fine, community service, and maybe a small jail term. But that’s about it. If it hasn’t happened yet, we will get a half ass I’m sorry I did it speech, which was written by his agent, and life will go on as usual, all sins forgiven, “he’s just a miss guided youth”. All I can say is BULLSHIT! Till the next time he does something. From what I’ve seen of late, there’s almost always a next time!

Just to show boneheads come in bunches, WR Justin Blackmon (Jacksonville’s Number One Draft Pick 5th over all) went out of his way to show Fairley isn’t the only one. You see Blackmon went down Fairley’s path, and was arrested for DUI. Jacksonville, better hope this isn’t a sign of things to come from Blackmon.  This just proves a point, there’s too many boneheads to mention.

Just when I though I was through with the name dropping, you can add Vikings FB Jerome Felton to the list of boneheads. Felton, like the other two players,was arrested for DUI. Whats disturbing is the NFL has had 79 players arrested since 2007. Any way you look at it that’s 79 too many. When is the NFL going to step up and do something about it?

All I know if it where you, or I for that matter, we would be spending a lot of our free time, locked in a court battle, for our freedom. We would be spending our hard earned  money that we don’t have, to pay for an overpriced lawyer. All to wind up in jail, or parole, and no matter how you look at it a heavy fine, and a suspended driver’s license. Sounds real fair right?

Well that’s wraps it up for this week. I hope to be in my new place by next week. Here’s hoping for a dive back to the draft review next column, if not another “Rant” will be on the way. Till next time see ya! You can reach me on Facebook Dave Mest Jr. or on Twitter @ blitzburgh6.



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