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Man Cave QB : Springfield Diner Review

Man Cave Quarterback

by Frank Naimoli

Springfield Diner Review

Man Cave Food review rating system:

5 Belly’s Full = that’s some button popping hold all my calls till 2099 good eating food

4 Belly’s Full = Yea I’m on my third plate! 

3 Belly’s Full = Meh! It will do

2 Belly’s Full = this it? Who did I make mad

1 Belly’s Full = I’d rather go vegan (no I kid but seriously this sucks) 


Springfield Diner

720 Baltimore Pike
Springfield, PA 19064

(610) 338-0404


The past few weeks I kept driving past the diner and noticing the full parking area and crowds. I had to try this place. My car was being worked on so I thought a nice breakfast to ease the pain of the repair bill I was about to get.

As you might expect they have a huge breakfast menu with every morning meal you can think of and some I never thought of.  Many of their specials include coffee and a small juice.  Lots of places bump up the bill by hitting you hard for the coffee. So I liked the prices.

I ordered an Italian omelet. Eggs, Italian sasuage, peppers onions provolone cheese, and Mariana sauce, toast and home fries included Most of the breakfast meals are in the $6.99-$8.99 range.

My food arrived really fast.  I mean less than 10 minutes. Now most of the time this scares me because it means that this was already made and sitting around or it’s not cooked right. I’m happy to say I was wrong on both counts.

It was hot and fresh and the portions were very large. As I looked around I saw all tables getting served quickly too, so it’s the norm. The place was packed too.

The waitress was very good no issues with anything. The Hash Browns were great and I enjoyed them very much. The omelet was also good, but not something I’d try again, and not because it wasn’t good, but I just was not as into it as much as I thought I’d be.

I went back for Lunch the next day to see if things were just as good at different times of the day.

The place was even more packed than the day before and I was seated in less than 5 minutes.

I ordered a Reuben sandwich, and I’ve had a Reuben in every diner around so it’s one sandwich I can give a good opinion on.

Again my food arrived really fast. The Sandwich itself was good, The Fries were very good fresh crisp and hot. No complaints.


It’s good to have a real diner open in the area not just in name only. I hope they can keep up the standard they have set in their first year open. I will be eating here again and recommend it to all.

Man Cave Food Review Rating: 4 Belly’s full

Good Food

Good quick service

Great portions

Friendly staff.



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