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Maverick’s Comic Round-up : It’s not easy being Green…Lantern.

Maverick’s Comic Round-Up

by Maverick

It’s not easy being Green…Lantern.

When I sat down to write this column I had quite a daunting task. What do you say about a subject that pretty much everyone in the multiverse has already voiced a very loud and sometimes angry opinion on.

In case you you’ve been living in a bubble, DC Comics has revealed that in issue two of the comic series Earth 2, the new version of the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott gay. Funny, they also revealed that another silver age character seemingly now is evil, but that didn’t make any headlines

Why you ask would they do such a thing? Good question, let’s look together shall we…

Regardless of what the “official” comments DC has been putting out, I believe the ultimate reason why Alan Scott is now a gay man is because of the millions and millions of headlines, news posts, blogs and twitter rants that read “Green Lantern Gay” All of DC’s positioning from the “leak” at a recent comic con panel to the press release saying an “Iconic” character is being reimagined as a gay character makes me believe this to be true.

I mean Alan Scott is not who the public at large would say is the “iconic” version of Green Lantern. Really there are only two GL’s who have a claim at that title, and that’s a column for another day.

What’ so bad about Alan Scott being Gay? Well, again on that opinions vary. Some people just don’t want anyone being gay, and I’m not tackling that issue at all. Everyone is entitled to there opinion here in America, and I believe that, whether I agree with what that opinion is or not. Part of being able to say you live in the “Land of the free” is being strong enough to acknowledge that someone else is allowed to have a different opinion whether or not you agree with what that may be.

That’s not however the majority of the opinions I’ve read from the comic book reading public (thankfully). Nope, most of the negative opinions have to do with one of two things, the fact that, DC has seemingly done this just to capture some cheap headlines and drum up sales and two, that they’re essentially killing off two other beloved characters in the process.

Now, let me address the people who are angry about DC “just trying to make a dollar”. To those people, I say… DUH! That’s the ultimate goal of ANY company, whether it be McDonalds, Disney, or the local mom and pop store. Bottom line is they need to sell these books. So accusing them of doing this is as ridiculous as accusing a bird of only flying because it wants to get some place. To me, it’s a pointless argument. Yes, I’ll concede they’re trying to make a buck. And good for them, their employees should be able to feed their families.

These are just stories folks, and in a few years, there’s a good chance that they’ll be retconned or forgotten about entirely by the publisher.

As a comic reader I’ve lived through “The Death of Superman” (He got better) The crippling of Batman… and Batgirl for that matter (both got better) Spiderman’s being a clone (don’t ask) Green Lantern turning evil (then dying, then getting better and then being portrayed by Ryan Reynolds) And so on, and so on, and so on. One thing all those sensational headlines have in common? They were all temporary, and I’m pretty sure this will be too. The tide has already started to turn on “The new 52” and if the negative sentiment keeps growing I see a “heroes reborn” situation coming within the next few years.

The other reason to me is the more tragic situation. Now that Alan Scott is a gay man, there is a very good probability that we’ve lost his two superhero offspring Jade and Obsidian.

Most comic readers know Alan Scott has two children, and his strained and often oppositional relationship with his Son Obsidian, who had power based on shadows and darkness, and Jade, who wielded a green light similar to her fathers, was for the last twenty plus years, the driving force behindAlan Scott’s character. Jade and Obsidian were twins, conceived when Alan had “relations” with the super villainess known as Thorn.

The twins made their debut in the comic series “Infinity Inc.” a book about the sons and daughters of the original golden age heroes. The two became popular appearing in many different books including the Justice Society, Outsiders, Green Lantern and more. Obsidian’s battle with the darkness that gave him his power lead to many popular stories. And, for what it’s worth, Obsidian was openly gay in a civil union and looking to adopt a child before he was seemingly erased from existence by the “New 52”. Go figure.

However, even the people mourning the loss of Jade and Obsidian may be doing so prematurely. I have in my hand the second issue of Earth 2, the infamous coming out issue, and it’s really about three panels long. We don’t know much about the “new” Alan Scott, other than he’s the successful owner and CEO of GBC Productions a news company and that he’s gay. Heck, technically he’s not even the Green Lantern yet, that happens next month.

The one thing we do know is that “everything is new and different” here in the “New 52” much of which it seems is, just for the ability to say “everything is new and different” So while it looks like Jade and Obsidian is lost to us the same way Donna Troy, Wally West, and other beloved characters are M.I.A. ultimately it’s too soon to tell.

So comic fans, hang in there, we’ve survived much worse happening to our favorite heroes than who their sleeping with. Chances are in a few years Alan Scott’s editorially driven sexual preference will either be a goofy joke when discussing really bad comic book idea, or an accepted part of the character and we’ll all wondering what the big deal was.

Me, I’m still holding out that Jade will pop up somewhere, she’s one of my all time favorite supporting characters, and I’m sad she’s on the sidelines with Wally and
Donna. She survived her own death, so this probably won’t be much of a challenge for her.

Thanks for reading.



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