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The NFL Depot : New Bengals Ticket Packages

The NFL Depot

by Dave Mest Jr.

New Bengals Ticket Package


Welcome back to the NFL Depot!  As always I’m Dave Mest your host! This week I’m going to take aim at the NFL ticket prices, in today’s economy. Enough small talk, in the words of Motley Crue,”On with the Show”!

What led me down the road for this column was a read that caught my eye. I was reading yahoo sports one day last week; this headline jumped out at me “NFL Bengals plan to offer partial season ticket packages”. So I clicked on the link. What I read made a lot of sense.


The Bengals, in a very down and weak economy, have decided to offer two packages to their fans, a black package, and you guessed it right an orange package.  As well as four, two game offers. The Bengals, did make the playoffs last year, they have an up and coming team, but still play in a half empty stadium. So the ticket deals make a lot of sense.


This just stopped me in my tracks. I started thinking, If the Bengals, I know what you’re thinking “they suck”, can do it why can’t the rest of the league do it.


With some thinking, what I came up with is very simple. My plan is this: Each NFL team would set aside a block of tickets to be packaged at a set price. It would be the same type principle as the Bengals are offering, a four ticket and a two ticket package. For the lesser teams that are in the same boat as the Bengals should offer these packages to all fans at all ticket prices. Even if the NFL chose to go another route, whatever they did would be better than nothing. It would be a great way for the NFL to give back to its fans, no matter what income bracket they might be in.


But just like everything else, each team makes its own rules. So the same goes for ticket prices. Just to give a short look at the highest to the lowest ticket prices. The highest goes to New England at $117.84. The lowest goes to the Browns at $54.51. With the average NFL ticket Price being $76.47. So, don’t look for any of the well to do teams to offer ticket packages anytime soon. Even though some teams haven’t upped their prices, and some have done the right thing in lowering, not too many concern themselves with the fans that can’t afford season tickets.


Well it’s short and sweet this week, as I sit here with walls of boxes around me as we speak. The move is finally here! So till next time, See Ya!


You can get in touch with me at Dave Mest Jr on Facebook and @ blitzburgh6 on Twitter



The Bengals are excited to offer new multi-game ticket package options for 2012. Fans can choose from either a 4-game or 2-game pack from the following options:
The new Bengals Power Packs are on sale now. To order yours, simply call the Bengals Ticket Hotline at 866-621-TDTD (8383) or order online here!

4-game Power Packs are available on all levels of Paul Brown Stadium, including Field Level, while 2-game Power Packs are available in locations on our Club and Canopy Levels only. Power Packs range in price from $53-$84 per game. Seethe stadium diagram for pricing and views from each section.

Ticket Pack Benefits:

  • Reduced pricing compared to single-game tickets
  • Preferred seating options available over single-game tickets
  • The same great seats for each game of your Power Pack
  • Priority before the public for purchase of tickets to any home playoff games in 2012 season

Please click here to request more information on Bengals 2- and 4-game Power Packs.



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