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Chewin the Fat : Pete Rose Autograph Signing

Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni 

Pete Rose Autograph Signing

Charlie Hustle himself Pete Rose was back in the Philadelphia area for an autograph signing on June 16th, 2012 for 1st & Goal Sports Collectibles in the Granite Run Mall in Media, Pa.

Pete Rose a true baseball legend, and icon of the sport.

This was a great opportunity I felt to meet the person I thought was a huge reason the Phillies became World Champions in 1980. He took a good Phillies team, and made them a great team.

Sadly this is something that Pete is not remembered for. When you mention Pete Rose’s name they don’t say about his on field accomplishments they say about his gambling, or whether he should or shouldn’t be in the MLB Hall of Fame.

Well on this day, I got the chance to meet in my eyes a Hall of Famer. Not just a WWE Hall of Famer, but a MLB Hall of Famer is where he belongs.

I got there towards the end of the signing to try to avoid any crowd which there wasn’t much of one.

Local Sports TV / Radio icon himself Howard Eskin was on hand as well.

Pete himself, was very quiet, cordial and honestly just seemed a little lost probably because there was a constant pile of pictures put in front on him to sign.

But just want to thank 1st & Goal Sports for bringing in a true sports icon in to meet the fans & to Pete himself ……… Thanks for the Hustle and incredible Baseball memories you made and the Championship you brought this city, in my eyes that are what you will always be remembered for.

Bay Ragni

Totally Driven TV



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