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VOC Wrestling Nation show 6/13/12 100th Episode

VOC Wrestling Nation Turns 100


Bill Apter – Stacy Carter – Kevin Gill – Jimmy Hart – Amber Oneal – MORE

The VOC Wrestling Nation celebrated its 100th episode since taking over the drivetime slot on Wednesday afternoons at WNJC Philadelphia with a star-studded, jammed packed broadcast on 6/13/12.

We brought back some of the most important and influencial people in the evolution of the VOC Nation, including Bill Apter, the man that The Voice of Choice Bruce Wirt credits with a large part of the VOC Nation’s success. Bill shared these kind words among others:

“There were a group of people with (Bruce) in the drivers seat trying to navigate a road in pro wrestling that these days has become very difficult to break into (as media). I opened doors for you guys, and you took those openings and treated them with care. You gelled and matured with the show, and I’m proud to be a continuing member of the VOC Nation.”

In addition to Bill, Jimmy Hart, Juggalo Championship Wrestling’s Kevin Gill, Arenachicks’ leading lady Amber O’Neal, Stacy “the Kat” Carter, Nemar Wells, and even Brady Hicks all joined the show to share memories of our journey to episode 100.

Kevin Gill added, “The VOC Wrestling Nation is a global phenomenon, and I am honored to be here representing JCW and ICP for episode 100 in front of the world…It was an honor to have you at The Gathering (last year).”

Jimmy Hart probably summed up the VOC Wrestling Nation best: “You do the calls ins and you have your special guests every week. That’s what makes it so real and so much fun. Its not so negative about wrestling and what’s going on, it’s about all the positive things and that’s what I like about you guys”

Check out all of the fun and help us celebrate! Leave your favorite VOC Nation memories on the VOC Nation hotline and we’ll play them on air WORLDWIDE! 724-790-4VOC is the VOC Nation listener line, or tweet us @vocnation.

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