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The NFL Depot : New College Playoff System

The NFL Depot 

by Dave Mest

New College Playoff System

Welcome back one and all, to the NFL Depot! I’m your host with the most, and if you believe that one I have another one for ya, Dave Mest! This week we are going off the NFL radar, and taking a dip into the College Football waters. What I plan to bring you is the upcoming new College football playoff system that starts in 2014, against my ideal view of what a playoff should look like. Just like always let’s get to it!

 As I sit here, to write this column, it just seems this should have come sooner. The Bowl system, or the BCS, has been under attack for years. From back room deals to Bowl Presidents scandals, the BCS and the Bowls have brought nothing but controversy. But the purpose of this column isn’t to go into that. You can read Dan Wetzel and crew’s “Death to the BCS” for those juicy details. I’m going into the new, soon to be approved, four team playoff system.

After years of crying fans, sharp comments from all the talking heads at your alphabet sports stations, and not to mention all the political figures trying to call for hearings, we College Football fans are going to get a playoff system. Well sort of. As of this week, the third week of June, two plans for a 4 team playoff will go to the school Presidents of the BCS conferences, and don’t forget to add Notre Dame to that list.

According to Ralph Russo of the AP, not too many details are being brought to forefront. What has come out still sides with all of the good old boy bowl games of course. But, the plan also calls for the current BCS bowls only to hold semifinal games, with the championship game being bid on like a Super Bowl would be. There is still a lot more to come about the who, the what, and the where. But any way you look at it College Football is about to get a lot richer.

Enough about the four team thing. Let’s dig a lot deeper, I say sixteen! That’s right a SIXTEEN team Playoff! In my world of College Football Playoffs, each team would have three criteria’s to make it into the Playoffs. The first would be strength of schedule. In my world no more cupcakes. You’re a BCS school; you should play a BCS school. The higher rank of your opponent the more points you receive. Example: a team in the top ten is worth more than a team ranked twenty-fifth. Second, quality of wins, I’m not talking about blowing a team out, but amount of victories would help, what I’m talking about is wins on the road based against home wins or neutral site games.(This will force Schools to take road games instead of forcing tougher teams to play them at home. Would also force more home and home series). Third, would be you must be ranked in the top twenty-five to be considered. The final sixteen will come down to a points system off of the three criteria. Unlike the BCS, Conference winners have little effect on my system, as well as a schools size or Conference strength. It’s flat out final sixteen on the point scale, or you’re not in. Unlike the BCS, my ranking system will be starting in week one, no breaks. The other difference, the two teams that meet in the title game, will play each other in the first game of the next season.

A look at the points system. Points are given out for strength of schedule, the quality of win both on the score board and home or away victory, and opponent ranking. Points will also be given for time spent in the top twenty-five. Points for the first two categories are scored one through five, with five being the highest. The third would be one through twenty-five, with twenty-five being the highest. At the end of the season all points will be totaled up, and you have your sixteen.

My playoff would start the second week of December, and finish up New Year’s Day. Nice and neat, just like the school presidents would like. Or maybe the week after to add some hype to the game. If I could get away with it, my championship would be played the week before the Super Bowl.

After the Field of Sixteen is in place, unlike the BCS I have no bowl involvement; the lower seed (i.e. 1 eed) plays the higher seed (i.e. 16 seed) at home. All the money stays with the schools that made the playoffs. (This would push schools to schedule tougher opponents, better games for the fans). Based off last year’s final BCS pole this is what the first round would look like. (Side note all higher seeds play home games). 1# LSU VS 16# Georgia, 2# Alabama vs. 15# Clemson, 3# Oklahoma St vs. 14# Oklahoma, 4# Stanford vs. 13# Michigan, 5# Oregon vs. 12# Baylor, 6# Arkansas vs. 11# Virginia Tech, 7# Boise St vs. 10# Wisconsin, and 8# Kansas St vs. 9# South Carolina

All games will be played on campus till the final game. One stadium will pay big money to host this game, so the game will go up on the blocks for five year stints. Unlike my BCS brethren, weather will not play a factor in witch stadium will play host. I’m sure in my world Jerry Jones would pay big money to host this game, and a lot of others would fight him for it.

Let’s face it; the BCS isn’t going to be beating down my door any time soon. There’s a lot the NCAA and the BCS could do, it’s called they would rather stay with “what works”. The problem is it doesn’t work, and bringing a four team playoff is a start. But, they need to continue to grow. For starters, take the scheduling out of the schools hands. There’s no reason why the NCAA can’t schedule team games like the NFL does. This would force teams to play up to standards, no more ducking the tougher teams. This is just a start there’s so many different things that could be done.

I would like to see the NCAA step in and take control, force the BCS and their bowls out. Every other College sport crowns an NCAA Champion, except Football. That needs to change. I hope, sometime in the near future, the NCAA wakes up from the haze it’s in, and boots the BCS and all its crocked bowls with them, right out the door. Till that day we are stuck with four teams, the BCS and their bowls.

Well that’s a wrap for the week! Let’s see where the winds blow for next week, till then as always See Ya!

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