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Chewin the Fat : American Muscle Car Launch Party at the Simeone Museum

Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

American Muscle Car Launch Party at the Simeone Museum



I have been hearing about the Simeone Museum for the past couple years now, since I work in the car business and fellow car enthusiasts like myself who have been there always mention it to me. Also one of our first articles written here on Totally Driven by Anthony Jovinelli in his Ant Hill column was about his visit to the museum.

You can read that here….


Being a fan of theirs on Facebook, I saw their latest update for the newest display and launch show they were having and knew it was time to finally make my visit to the museum.

The Simeone Museum was having a Launch Party for their American Muscle Cars display.

Muscle Cars one of my true loves and passions is old Muscle Cars. The design, history, muscle, and also rarity in old muscle cars is something that is just intriguing and interesting as well as all automobiles to me.

Here is the Muscle Cars on Display


So on Friday June 29, the Launch party which featured not only some muscle cars, but featured speaker is Rob Leipziger who is a Philly area car collector & historian who owns and runs LRA Enterprises Auto Museum and Sales in Bristol PA. Also on hand with Rob, was Dr Fred Simeone the owner of the museum who conducted the Question and Answer with Rob Leipziger.

The Q & A was really informative and interesting talking about old muscle cars, drag racing, collecting muscle cars, their history, the market for them today, and also where it is heading.

It was great being able to be there to experience this, get to ask questions, and to meet Mr. Leipziger afterwards.

I must also note how they added a taste of Philly to the evening as well, as they had a catered dinner with Regular Cheesesteaks, and Chicken Cheesesteaks, Italian Hoagies, Soft pretzels, TastyKakes, beer, Wine, Soda & Water. This just rounded out this event perfectly.

After my experience this evening both my wife and I really had an enjoyable time, and plan to visit for more of these events the museum holds, this family of car fans are now fans of the Simeone Museum as well .

The Museum which was voted #1 Museum in the country for 2011, is located behind the Philly Auto Mall, which is funny I remember when that building was built when I was a kid, as an engine factory.

Here is the Video of the Q & A

Part 1


Part 2


Pictures of the Cars in the Museum as well as the Muscle Car Display


The Simeone Museum



The Simeone Museum Facebook Page



LRA Enterprises Auto Museum & Sales



LRAEnterprises Auto Museum & Sales Facebook Page







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