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Chewin the Fat : Kenny Linseman Autograph Signing

Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni

Kenny Linseman Autograph Signing

The Rat, Kenny Linseman returned to the Philly area for an autograph signing at a place which is becoming my favorite place in Delaware Valley to frequent, well besides Hooters.

Kenny was a Flyer when I was a kid, and a fan favorite for his quick, gritty play kind of like a rat.

He was with the Flyers in the late 70’s, early 80’s where he was then part of the trade which brought Future Hall of Famer Mark Howe to the Flyers, where he then ended up in Edmonton and won a Stanley Cup with the Oilers, alongside the Great One Wayne Gretzky.

Ken was then traded to the Bruins where he went to another Stanley Cup finals, but the Bruins lost.

He then bounced around the league, going back to both the Flyers & Oilers and then landing briefly with the Maple Leafs before retiring.

Well today Carl’s Cards & Collectibles in Havertown has done it again, with not only bringing in another Former Flyer for the fans to meet, but a Stanley Cup Champion.

I got there towards the end, and was in and out, but while I was there Kenny was telling Carl some stories, where you just wanted to pull up a chair, and sit there and soak up the good times he experienced.

Kenny was a true class act today, which goes hand and hand with Carls Cards.

Thanks again to Carl’s Cards, and they have some more signings coming up.

July 28th  1-3pm

Former Phillies Gary Maddox

Aug 11th  10am – Noon

Flyers Head Coach – Peter Laviolette

Carl’s always has great signings year round so check out thier pages.






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