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Chewin the Fat : House of Hardcore vs Extreme Rising??

Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni

House of Hardcore vs Extreme Rising??



Well ECW & Indy fans everywhere are you excited, confused, or in just complete euphoria with the announcement just over a week ago, about the newest Indy fed to be starting up,  “House of Hardcore”.

The HOH is the new federation being headed by “The Innovator of Violence” himself Tommy Dreamer.

I guess it was only a matter of time before this would happen. The fans, Smart Marks, The boys in the biz, all have been waiting for Tommy to finally take the plunge of bringing back his own version of ECW.

In case you haven’t heard already, there is already another of ECW’s ghost out on the scene, Extreme Rising with 3 shows under their belt in the past few months, and their 4th show planned for November to crown their first champions.

Extreme Rising is the new company with the” Franchise” Shane Douglas in the driver’s seat steering this new revolution. Their first show was a major disaster on many levels, which seemed to hurt the company on their past weekend of shows last week, with attendance down at both shows.

But they redeemed themselves with a back to back night of great, exciting shows with positive fan reactions to both.

So now we have a 4 month layoff, to wait for the next show of Extreme Rising where they just had solid shows and great crowd reaction to continue the rebuild, now everyone has to wait which I think to kill a little bit of steam.

In the meantime all the hype will be directed toward the House of Hardcore, with the teaser videos that keep coming out for the hype, like this one.

This will have all the Dreamer & ECW fans hunger for Hardcore growing for their October debut.

Now the question is, how fans will take to 2 ECW type projects. Will they work together at some point, will there be heat between the 2 companies, will they consider each other competition,  and will the boys get booked on both federations show. Will they deliver the same style product.

Many questions to be answered, in time.

My take is Extreme Rising will be more geared to the old days of ECW, and uphold and pay tribute to the Extreme of yesterday with some of the newer generation of Indy stars.

While I expect the House of Hardcore to be the new revolution, where Tommy will take Extreme into the 21st Century. I see Tommy using part of the old ECW, mixing it with a bit of the Original ROH, and building a new Extreme Territory of wrestling for the North East area.

Overall it is a win win situation for everyone, the world of Professional Wrestling will get a shot in the arm, the fans will be in heaven with 2 more quality choices of wrestling to go to, the boys will be happy with another outlet of top notch professional work.

Check out both feds, support them both, and enjoy the shows.

Extreme Rising Facebook Page



House of Hardcore Facebook page




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