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Chewin the Fat : CSA Sports Memorabilia Show, Chantilly, Va

Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni

CSA Sports Memorabilia Show, Chantilly, Va



This past weekend was the huge CSA (Collector’s Showcase of America) Sports Memorabilia show in Chantilly, Va. The past couple years I constantly keep saying to myself, I want to go, I want to go, and never going.

Well this weekend, I finally went. I am so happy I did. I have been to the CSA shows in Philly, but Chantilly is just so much better of a show.

There was just so much more of everything. There was plenty more dealers, who also had much more packed tables of great sports collectibles. There was also a ton of sports stars on hand signing autographs through all 3 days.

I just went on Saturday for one reason to get my 1960’s Philadelphia Eagles book signed by Ex Eagle & Redskins Quarterback Sonny Jurgenson.

Mission accomplished!!

I got my book signed and a picture with Sonny, as well as got the autograph certified.

I took my wife and two daughters with me, who are not the biggest sports fans, but even my wife was impressed with the way things were.

My wife could not believe how many people we’re there and all the merchandise being sold for autographs, which honestly neither of us could believe. It was like a machine that just kept chugging nonstop.

We have already talked about doing it again, the hotel we stayed at through the CSA was beautiful, as well as Chantilly, Va. It was just a great overall experience and time for both me and my family.

So CSA if you read this, I have heard your New Jersey’s shows are this good as well, can we turn it up a notch here in Philly.

Here are pictures from the convention.


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