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Fashionably Me : Fashionable Attitude

Fashionably Me

by Kim Jovinelli

Fashionable Attitude 


I has been far too long since I wrote one of these, so I suppose it’s about time. I don’t have much to report by way of fashion crazes or designers, but what I want to talk about is attitude and how it relates to your outward appearance.


Think for a moment on the last thing you wore and felt really great in. Is it what you expected? It can be anything from sweats to the LBD. For most, it’s not. This can say a lot about someone’s personality and attitude. For me personally, it was a simple jean skirt, a blue sweater shirt and red flip flops. I felt amazing in the outfit yet I was comfortable. I got several compliments on it which boosted my mood for the day. But it wasn’t what I was wearing; it was how I felt in it. This is the point of this article.


Attitude can take you a long way. It’s an air of confidence and poise that relates to people. How you express yourself is then how people will see and treat you. I say poise because class is now just for school. If you dress and act like a lady of the evening or a gangsta, guess what? That’s how people will treat you. This is not to say that you can’t dress how you like, though I do believe there are limits. What I’m trying to get at is how you feel and then how you act and how that changes how people view you.


I also suggest charity work. Nothing is more classy, fashionable, or helpful then helping those in need. Tryst me, it will make you feel great about yourself which will then make your outward appearance glow. It’s a great way to meet people and feel fulfilled at the same time.


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I’m also contemplating on doing youtube vids for this. Thoughts?



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