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Man Cave QB : It time for Ruben Amaro Jr. to Go !!!

Man Cave Quarterback

by Frank Naimoli

An Open Letter to Ruben Amaro 


It’s Time for Ruben Amaro Jr. to go!


Ruben Amaro it is time for you to go. Your decision making ability is killing a team that should have won at least 1 more World Series title. 2008 WS Champion, 2009 In the WS they lose, 2010 They looe the NLCS, 2011 They lose in the first round, 2012 They don’t make the Play Offs ?


This team was supposed to bring Philadelphia back to winning titles but instead your  bad decisions have left us wondering if the days of a half empty Stadium are just around the corner. A team with the highest payroll in the NL and three $20 million Pitchers can’t even win a playoff round?


Pat Gillick built a team that was going to be a contender for years to come. You have made every bad move you could to make that not happen. A list of thing’s that Amaro has done to make our beloved Phils become a $173,458,939 joke!


.His refusal to trade Dominick Brown even after his second call up and it was clear to everybody but Amaro that Brown would not be a Major league player


.After Jason Werth left the team not looking for replacement thinking he could fill the spot with journeymen players. For that matter never replacing any player.


.After acquiring Cliff Lee then letting him go then resigning him for more money than it would have taken to keep him.


.Acquiring Hunter Pence for two top 50 AAA players and over paying him only to trade him away a year later for some garbage players and a prospect barley in the top 100. Pence Avg has been the same for years his numbers did not change he was a good player for the 5 spot so why when he plays the way he always has do you trade him because he did not live up to your expectations? Another time he can’t judge talent.


.Signing Ryan Howard to a huge contract way before you have to claiming you saved money but waiting till the last minute to sign Cole Hamels and it costing you $40 million more if had done it a year earlier. Howard by the way has never lived up to the contract.


.Resigning Jimmy Rollins for 3 years after he had one of his worst years and being one of the worst leadoff hitters in Baseball. In 2012 Rollins has the most pop up infield out in Baseball. Amaro Claims that Rollins was the best option out there because AAA SS prospect Freddy Galvis was not ready for the call up.


.Letting Chase Utley B.S you about his health and miss half the season. You knew full well he had knee issues and instead of making him see a team doctor you let him B.S you. When does a player tell a team he’s ok and they take his word for it? If you knew he was hurt resigning Rollins would not have been such a good idea. So you call up the AAA SS prospect Freddy Galvis who you said was not ready to play and he turns out to be more than ready to play. Again Amaro can’t read talent. Galvis could have saved you millions by not resigning Rollins. Money you could have spent on a new infielder to play 2nd until Utley returned and to play 3rd next year.


.After losing in the First round of the 2011 playoffs because of Hitting and middle relief pitching not addressing any of the issues and thinking you would have different results.

.Trading away Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino knowing full well next year you will need to replace them as well as needing a 3rd basemen and possibly a 2nd depending if you believe Utley again You will also need middle relievers to bridge the gap from starts to closer. You have all these needs for next year telling the fans that you will not go over the Luxury Tax, Knowing full well you’re already over it for next year and With 3 players that you have to question their ability to play. Utley, Howard and Rollings.



So Thank you Rubin. I think that long list will only get longer if you stay around. I waited Years for the Phillies to become a great team and instead of celebrating multiple World Series Titles I think it might be a long time before we see another one. They said 2012 was a wash and 2013 will be better I don’t see it. You have single handedly sank a great Team. You need to go don’t let the door hit ya!  The NY Yankees never waited 30 between World Series why should I?


Yours Truly,

Frank Naimoli

Heartbroken Phillies fan



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