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Chewin the Fat : Monster Mania Con 22 – Cherry Hill, NJ

Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni

Monster Mania Con 22

Cherry Hill, NJ

Welcome back everyone to Chewin the Fat. It’s been awhile since I chewed the fat on anything lately, between work and real life consuming all my time, was hard to actually take some time to put my thoughts down.

Well now that some time is starting to open back up, I plan to be putting more time, effort and hopefully make our TD TV site grow into an enjoyable site for everyone.

Well I wanted to give a review on this past weekend’s Monster Mania convention, in Cherry Hill, NJ.

If you have never been to one of these conventions, I have to say they are always an enjoyable time with great guests, vendors, and fans there.

You literally need eyes in the back of your head to see all the sites, because the time and effort that the fans there put into their costumes are truly amazing.

Some of these fans look like they literally are walking off the movie screen into your life.

This is a 3 day convention packed with celebrities from TV, movies, music that have autograph tables set up, as well as usually doing Q & A sessions with the fans.

This weekend’s convention had some top stars such as, Carl Weathers aka Apollo Creed, The Hanson Brothers from the Slap Shot movies, Jamie Kennedy from Scream, Doug Bradley aka Pinhead from the Hellraiser series, Kevin Alejandro from True Blood, various stars from The Walking Dead, plus a ton more.

My main reason for going was to see the Hanson Brothers, which my all-time favorite movie is Slap Shot.

When we got there, the Hanson’s where doing their Q & A, which I caught the last 10-15 minutes of that, and it was really fun to hear some real hockey stories about their hockey careers, and their thoughts on hockey, movies, and life.

My biggest and only complaint is that the Monster Mania staff, should maybe start announcing the designated times the stars are signing autographs. After the Hanson’s did their Q & A, they were done. They were not signing anymore, and I wasn’t able to get my poster signed.

Luckily, I ran into one of the Hanson’s, Dave walking around the convention, and he signed my poster, and posed for a picture.

Another big attraction for me this go round was Apollo Creed of Rocky fame. I mean, for 30 plus years, those Rocky movies have been such an important part of not only my life, but I am sure, everyone out there reading this. So to meet Carl Weathers was an honor.

Which he truly was a nice guy, where he took interest in my name, and was very sincere and asking questions about my heritage.

Where else, do you get a chance like this, but conventions like this one.

I touched earlier about the fans costumes, which are amazing. I cannot say enough, and wish I took more time to take pictures this time to share with everyone, but I was honestly too pissed off that missed out on the Hanson’s.

Another fun moment, was Jamie Kennedy, from the Scream movie series, Malibu’s Most Wanted, and a new TV show on CW “Oh Sit”. I grew up with Jamie, got a chance to catch up real quick, since it’s been 2 years, since we saw each other. This was his first convention he has done, and was surprised by the great turn out, and how much fun it was.

Overall though, the Monster Mania conventions, are probably the best ones that I have been to.

It is half the price of the Wizard World conventions to get in the door, and gives you just as much bang for your buck if not more than Wizard World.

Only bad part is parking. This convention truly has grown in the past 3 years that I have been attending. More and more people, are booking rooms, and staying for all 3 days of the convention, so it is hard to find parking in the hotel lot. You might end up parking on the street and have to walk a mile to the hotel, but I think once inside you won’t be disappointed.

They have their next convention coming up in Maryland next month, you can go to their website for more info.


Or their Facebook page



Well thanks for Chewing the Fat with me, and make sure to “LIKE” TD TV on Facebook.




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