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Actual Video From New “Unauthorized ECW Documentary” Released. Project Funds. Answer to the Million Dollar Question.

BWC Films Update


T-minus 23 days and counting…
As of today, the Kickstarter fundraising page for the new “Unauthorized ECW Documentary” is now 25% funded, with 128 backers from around the World. We have just over 3 weeks to get this project funded so it can be completed, premiered, and released to fans. ANY HELP YOU CAN LEND TO SPREADING THE WORD IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Please check out our Kickstarter page at http://kck.st/QUHxwH and watch the video, read the descriptions, browse the “gifts”, and make sure you click on the “Updates” tab at the top of the page for bonus postings –and even bigger rewards for anyone who made a pledge as they are privy to exclusive video that has already been posted; such as Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge never-seen-before video, and today’s major update with an actual segment from the documentary has been posted for “backers only”. This segment clocks in just about 9 minutes and covers the extreme violence issues in ECW. This video alone will give you the idea of what the producers are shooting for, and what kind of content they have at their disposals. The most rabid fans of ECW will be thrilled, while even the casual fan or even non-fans will be amazed at this fascinating video and commentary. (look at UPDATE #15)


Take a look at the latest promo video for the documentary… a sort of “Who’s who” that appears in the film… 


You may be asking yourself… “What makes this ECW documentary different than the others released?” The interviews captured are varied and extensive. We have interviewed subjects who haven’t been spoken with before on any other documentary. You’ll be exposed to people you never knew before, or didn’t think you would like, and we know their answers to our questions might surprise you. Having said that, this film is NOT about an individual, or perceived “star power,” but an entire ensemble that tells the company’s story based on a mix of fact and opinion. This film focuses on interpersonal relationships, the pitfalls and triumphs of business (as humorous as it is dramatic), and cultural impact inside and outside of the wrestling industry. Our film is NOT about wrestlers remembering their favorite angles. Those are stories/clips for extras.

We think it’s important to mention that this documentary does not focus on Storylines/Angles/Characters. Those things are touched on, but only to give context of what ECW was, and from there we go further into our examinations. Also, we’ve reached out to the wrestling media for context and diverse opinions. No other film brings together these men to help tell the story of a wrestling promotion, its mistakes and failures, as well as its brilliance and personality.
Many things we cover in-depth honestly aren’t covered correctly, or at all, in any other documentaries. This is a critical, unbiased, objective look at ECW made by people who are not in the wrestling business, which is something no other ECW-related documentary can say. We have no agenda and are in search for the truth. Period.


Read MIKE MOONEYHAM’s latest column for “The Post and Courier” (Charleston, SC ) for a very detailed look at this “Unauthorized ECW Documentary”. This is an excellent read (and we are not just saying that!


MEDIA: Radio, TV, Internet media personnel interested in interviewing the producers of the Unauthorized ECW Documentary now in production please email bwcfilmdoc@gmail.com


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