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Monday Night Mav : Sept 3 Recap

Monday Night Mav

September 3rd, 2012 Recap

By Maverick 

Howdy Totally Driven TV fans, for those of you who don’t know, I’m Maverick and I’m a contributing writer here at TDTV.  I write the Monday Night Raw review “Monday Night Mav as well as “Comic Roundup” which covers the world of comic books.  I’ve been on a bit of a summer vacation, but hopefully I’ll be submitting regular articles again.

Raw is live tonight from the All State arena in Chicago.  In case you missed him saying it repeatedly, that also happens to be the hometown of WWE Champ CM Punk.  We start with our typical recap of last weeks main story, The CM Punk Vs. Jerry Lawler situation.

Michael Cole is at the commentary table all by himself, and we find out something happened before we went on the air.  We get some video of Cole entering the arena, however when it’s time for King to enter, he doesn’t come out.  They switch to backstage where The King and Punk are in a fistfight.  King was holding his own at first, but Punk gets the upper hand laying Lawler out.  According to Cole Lawler was jumped by Punk while waiting to come out.

After the Raw intro out comes Word Champion Sheamus.  He’s got some words for Alberto Del Rio.  It seems the party is over for Berto at night of Champions.  Sheamus is interrupted by Punk.
Punk stays up on the ramp instead of going to the ring, because Sheamus would probably eat him.

Punk does his whole “I want respect thing, claims Lawler attacked him and that the King got it Chicago style, which I believe means in a deep dish.  Punk asks his hometown crowd if he turned on them, and of course they lie for him.  Punk has been champ for 288 days, which is amazing in todays climate.  Punk goes on about all the respect he doesn’t get.  Sheamus finally wakes up and  cuts Punk off, which ironically Punk is offended by.  Sheamus also notes that Punk stayed on the stage, so Sheamus invites him to the ring.  Punk points out the WHC is at best the second best.

The perky Raw General Manager  AJ Lee has heard enough and moseys on out.  She decides on tonights main event.  Berto Vs. Cena in a battle of no. 1 contenders and a Champion Vs. Champion match between Sheamus and Punk.  She then skips down the aisle, around the ring and back.  AJ really is my kind of crazy.

Randy Orton Vs. Dolph Ziggler
Vicki excuses herself and lets us know she has some issues with AJ she’s planning on taking up later, then introduces Dolph Ziggler.  This is a return match from Smackdown where Orton pinned Ziggy after an RKO.

This match seemed odd to me, not bad, but the pacing is weird.  Everything Orton does is SO SLOW and Ziggler is a hundred percent opposite of that in the ring, so it seemed to be almost backwards as far as how a match should go.  Orton uses a slingshot suplex, that’s just awesome.  Lots of out of the ring action in this match and a top rope superplex to boot.  Ziggler wins after reversing a roll up attempt out of the corner, he grabs a handful of tights for good measure.
WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

As Ziggy is leaving and Miz comes out.  Miz steals my gimmick and announces Monday Night Miz, as he’s going to be doing commentary for the rest of the evening.  He’s also trying his damnedest to grow a goatee.

More anger management with Kane and Daniel Bryan!  This week they had to make Anger Collages!  I don’t know what that is, but I bet it’s awesome.
Daniel Bryan’s is Yes! and No! all over a piece of paper… he throws a hissy and rips it up.  Kanes is a blank piece of paper.  When the teacher questions him on it, he balls it up throws it in the trash and causes it to burst into flames. Bryan calls Kane the teaches pet.  Funny stuff.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Vs. Tensai and Cody Rhodes.
I like the pairing of Mysterio and SIn Cara, and the E should consider it as a long term regular pairing.  It wold benefit both greatly.  Tensai and Cody however is just an odd pairing.   All four guys get an entrance, the bell rings and we essentially go to commercial.  when we come back Cody is beating up Sin.  Cody spends a lot of time trying to remove the masks again.  Very awkward hot tag to Rey Rey,  619 and a centon bomb gives the masked men the win.  Not too much going on here other than what could be a popular pairing.
WINNERS: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Back to anger management.  We’re having a circle of trust, though neither Bryan or Kane want to play along.  Dr. Shelby (The therapist) of course pairs off Kane and DB.  Kane actually catches Bryan, and they both get to catch poor Harold.  They let him fall, and Kane and Bryan seem to come to an understanding.

Sheamus Vs. CM Punk
Champion Vs. Champion but neither title is on line.  Punk is still in street clothes as he comes out.  Crowd still cheers him, but honestly, it’s Chicago what else do they have to cheer for?  He’s grumpy that he got sent out at the nine o’clock spot.  So he’s refusing to wrestle.  Sheamus tries to lure him back in.  Backstage AJ tries to stop him, however he claims he has a personal day in his contract and he leaves.  Happy Labor Day Punk!
WINNER: Not Chicago

Matt Striker comes up to AJ and ask what her plan is, she has no idea who he is but tells him to tell Sheamus to stay in the ring while she finds him an opponent.

When we come back from promotional consideration that’s paid for by the following  Berto and Ricky Riccardo Rodriguez come out for some commentary, and let’s be honest, to probably interfere..  Jack Swagger is out now, he’s going to be the replacement for Punk.

Sheamus Vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger is on a nine month long losing streak.  Miz is actually pretty bent that Punk rolled out like he did.  I usually enjoy the Swagger and Sheamus match, but I think the fact that this match has happened 42,356 times this year they seemed to be phoning it in.  Sheamus wins with the Texas Clover Leaf.  Adding a submission hold to combat Berto’s cross arm breaker

Afterwards Berto and Riccardo attack The great white, but he quickly fights back hitting Del RIo with white noise and then Brogue Kicks the crap out of Riccardo who dove in front of Del Rio.
We come back from break and Rodriguez was helped back to the back.  Apparently Sheamus really kicked his brains out this time.

Eve Vs. Kaitlyn
This match comes from the fact that Kaitlyn eliminated Eve in the Divas battle royal two weeks ago.  Other than that, I know nothing about Kaitlyn.  Layla is at ringside, and her and Miz get into it pretty bad.  I mean, Jerry Springer bad daddy bad.  Cole actually asked them to focus on the match.  Yes, Michael Cole.  The match itself is pretty sloppy, Eve wins with a neck breaker.  Afterward Eve helps her up and shakes her hand.  She offers her hand to Layla who hesitates, Her and Miz get into it again and finally she shakes Eve’s hand.  Eve is all smiles heading up the ramp.  Her evil plan to make everyone think she’s swell again is working.

Backstage Swagger who has his gear over his shoulder tells AJ he’s taking extended time off until he figures out what’s wrong.  And to hopefully buy a gear bag.  AJ gets upset because “everyone is leaving her”  She mentions Jericho in the “everyone” although she was the one who put his contact up for grabs.

More therapy with Dr. Shelby.  He’s proud of Kane and Bryan’s progress.  Kane and Bryan end up getting into a confrontation but Dr. Shelby has a hissy fit and storm off.
They make a raw active “match” asking everyone to vote on whether Bryan should wrestle, team up, or hug it out.

Back in the training room Striker tries to get an update about Riccardo from Del RIo, but David Otunga, now Del Rio’s lawyer says he has no comment.

Jinder Mahal Vs. RyBack
Crowd starts a Goldberg chant.  Yawn.  Mahal gets some early offense in, but it doesn’t last long.  It’s interesting, Cole is being very aggressive towards Miz tonight, who is usually one of his favorites.  To his credit though, for the most part Cole has been a ten times better announcer tonight than he has been, not nearly as abrasive, but still has some edge to him.  While I typed that last sentence Ryback essentially killed Mahal dead. The crowd is slowly getting behind him and his “Feed me More” chant.
WINNER: Ryback

Striker is at AJ’s door, probably to introduce himself.  No, he wants to know what she’s going to do about the show being out of control.  She tells him to go tell Del Rio and Cena that there match is now a falls count anywhere match.  Yup, that’ll reign it in.

Daniel Bryan joins up, and he’s trying not to blow his top.  Kane follows.
They recap Kane trying to kill Josh Matthews, twice.  They let us know that Booker has punished Kane for the assault because Matthews was making threatening tweets.  It’s Raw Active time.  The results are in, and the two must hug it out!

Bryan hugs Kane first however Kane doesn’t reciprocate.  Bryan desperately tries not to laugh when he accuses Kane of not hugging him back.  the crowd with a huge “Hug him back” chant.  Luckily Miz knows the rules to Hugging it out, and coaches us along.  This is so odd its awesome.

Kane Hugs Bryan, however DB doesn’t hug back this time.  Best of three?

There is joy in Mudville as they finally hug it out together after much coaxing from the crowd.  They shake hands and all seems well, until Kane slaps Bryan on the shoulder, Bryan gets offended and slaps Kane… more slapping follows.  A brawl of course ensues and Kane and Bryan brawl all over the building.  Kane wraps a chair around Bryan’s head and prepares to jump on him, when a bunch of refs come out to stop him.  Bryan hits Kane with the chair and runs away.

Backstage Santino is power walking to warm up.

United States Championship Match
Santino Marella Vs. Antonio Cesaro

OK, we have an Italian and a Swede battling it out for the US title.  Tino attacks early and goes for the cobra, sees Aksana and decides to go without it.  Something odd happens and he doesn’t get it.  Cesaro cuts him off and goes to work.  Santino gets to the cobra but Cesaro cuts him off, hits with the face buster for the win.  I’m a Santino fan, but this match was pretty bad.  Really awkward.  Afterwards Aksana and Cesaro “kiss” that was also awkward.  Guess someone’s significant other watches the show.
WINNER: Antonio Cesaro.

Zack Ryder Vs. Heath Slater
Back from break and Heath Slater and Zack are already in the ring.  This grudge actually started on Twitter, so I have no idea.  A good match with two underrated performers.  Slater is hamming it up a lot lately trying to get his persona over.  Zack wins with the Ruff Ryder.
WINNER: Zack Ryder

As Zack is celebrating Vicki comes out demanding to speak to AJ, she’s having a sit in until AJ comes out.

After those commercial messages Vicki has changed her mind.  She’s going to talk to an invisible chair… yes folks, she’s pulling an Eastwood.  Aj finally comes out and says she was scolded by the board of directors and has to apologize to Vicki.  She does and Vicki gloats. and demands an apology… which she oddly just got.  AJ does, and VIcki demands a more sincere apology.  AJ does and Vicki slaps her.  AJ is incensed but reframes from hitting her.  Vicki slaps her again.  Vicki skips off cackling away as AJ stands in the ring looking all crazy ex girlfriend.  She then beats up the chair.  I just hope the President wasn’t still sitting in it.  Wow, that was a class a meltdown.

We once again recap all the Punk drama from tonight , and they remind us Punks not here, which means he’s probably getting involved.  We also recap Riccardo’s injury.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a ban the Brogue kick campaign?

Otunga touts that they are probably gonna sue, and that he’ll address it on Smackdown.  Cole calls him an ambulance chaser.

Miz is still very anti Punk, that’ll be interesting in the weeks to come.  Cena throws Del Rio over the barricade and almost hit Randy Savage who, despite being dead is at ringside.
This is a really physical, almost PPV type match.  They really leave it out there.  Del Rio suplexes Cena through the announce table.   Del Rio grabs the mic and says Cena and the WWE is beneath him, and so is Chicago.  Tries for his arm breaker but Cena rolls it into the STF.  Del Rio grabs the mic and hits Cena with it to escape.  They brawl backstage and Cena hits the AA on Del Rio onto some storage units.  Punk returns and kicks Cena in the head and drapes Del Rio onto Cena for the win.
WINNER: Alberto Del RIo

Punk then hits a modified GTS on the hood of the car.  Punk looks over Cena, yells “respect” and gets back into the car he left in earlier in the evening.   As the car pulls off we see that it’s Paul Heyman driving the car.

Mavz Viewz:
This was literally the first time I’ve gotten to watch all three hours of Raw in one sitting since the jump.  Wow, it’s a LONG program now.  They need to up the storylines to keep the show interesting.  They literally are only running the three main shorelines and almost everything else is backburner stuff that they don’e seem to care about.  Miz was OK on commentary tonight but I liked how it pushed Cole into being a more focused announcer.

The return of Paul Heyman was an interesting surprise.  It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.  Punk is so much better as a heel than a baby face, he just has a natural “unlikeability” that he brings to his heel persona.  the fact that he has a different heel persona and tries to be unliked in itself is refreshing.

Sheamus also needs to turn heel.  He’s just floundering as WHC.  Ironically I liked him better as the big irish bully.

I’ll say it again.  Keep Rey and Sin Cara together.  Sin has had trouble adjusting to the WWE style and Rey could help him there, and Rey is getting up there in age and some would say becoming injury prone.  A tag team would give Rey a bit of a break, and he can coach Cara along.  And the team should be a popular one, especially with the younger target demo.

Next week I’m sure we’ll here more about, well everything.  Night of Champions is approaching so they should focus on getting some other Championship matches together.  I think they’ve only announce the WWE, World and Divas title matches thus far.  I imagine Cody Vs. Sin Cara, a tag team pile up, and maybe another Santino-Cesaro match, however those have been lackluster at best.

Until next week, Happy Trails.



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