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NFL Depot : Final 2012 Season Preview & more

NFL Depot

by Dave Mest Jr.

Final 2012 Season preview & more


Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host, Dave Mest! The preseason is finally over, and the 2012 NFL season, finally set to start. I’m set to bring you the first preview of the season, Giants vs. Cowboys. I’m also going to give my take on the ongoing NFL officials’ strikes, and what it will take to get a deal done. We also have the remaining five division picks, from me, and the depot’s handicapper Tarn Slater, along with CEO of TDTV Bay Ragni. So with that being said, Let’s get to it!


Dallas vs. N.Y. Giants:  This is a very interesting matchup, to start the season off with, a rival game, and a very good one at that. This should be a very good test for the world champs right off the bat. But, what Dallas team will show up? If the hard hitting, power run game, with just enough Tony Romo, it could be a long night for the Giants. But, the Cowboys have been waiting for that day to happen on a consistent basis, for a while now. The Giants, have to hope the Super Bowl hangover doesn’t show up in New York, this season. The Giants need Eli Manning to have a strong game, with just enough of a run game, to offset the Cowboys strong pass rush. The Giants defense should play a strong game, and in the end, I don’t see the Cowboys being strong enough to hold the World Champs down. I see the Giants winning a close one, maybe 24-21, either way this game should be a good one.



With the start of the season, all eyes should be on the teams, players and the hype that comes from a new season. But, that’s not the case. You see there’s a little bit of a gray cloud over the start of the season, it’s called replacement officials. I know as much as I’ve complained about the “refs”, and I know you have as well, as has everyone, at one time or another. But, a lot of the complaining went away, after watching the dreaded replacement officials, in this past preseason. I saw a lot of missed calls, mixed up rulings, and the dreaded, clueless, deer in the headlights look. It gave me chills. Thinking wow, what if some of these calls or no calls happened in the regular season? Or, these “scab refs” cost a team a playoff spot, or even worse, the Super Bowl.



All I know is the league claims, “It puts the best product possible on the field”, that should include the officials as well. It’s well noted, what happens when the “best product” isn’t on the field. All you have to do is look at the player’s strike of 1987. The league played four games with replacement players or “scabs as they were called, and it was some of the worst football ever played, under the NFL banner.



Unless the league, and it officials, reach a deal real soon, we could see some of the worst officiating ever. I know this is about money, like everything else, but just like the players, I think the league has to figure it out, it has done so already, that the NFL can’t do without the best officials as well. Both parties need to sit down; hash out a new contract, neither party should be allowed to leave till a new deal is reached.



I know there are a lot of sticking points, they are said to be about 70 million dollars apart, plus the league has said they want a bench so to speak, according to Pro Football Talk. What is meant by a bench? The league wants to have back up officials, to replace officials that might not be doing their jobs correctly, or coast down the stretch if they don’t earn a playoff gig. Officials are graded for each game and the league wants the right to replace them at any given time. I think there has to be a happy medium here, both sides have to remember, this is about the fans. The NFL owes us the fans, to put the best product forward, even if that involves the refs! So think about it NFL, who will you, be hurting most? Your bread and butter, the ones that pay the bills, the ones that fill your stadiums every week, and buy your jerseys……..Who again? That’s right US, YOUR FANS!


Since I didn’t get to finish up the division previews, I’m still going to bring you the rest of my picks, right along with Tarn’s and Bay’s. So here ya go!




 Dave’s Picks                               Tarn’s Picks/Odds                                       Bay’s Picks   

 NFC West                                     NFC West                                                       NFC West 


1.  49ers  11-5                                  1.  49ers  11-5 /  4/1                                  1. 49ers – 11-5

2. Seahawks  8-8                           2.  Seahawks  10-6 /  7/1                          2. Seahawks – 7-9

3.  Cardinals  8-8                            3.  Cardinals  9-7  /  10/1                          3. Cardinals  – 7-9

4.  Rams  6-10                                  4.  Rams  6-10  /  14/1                                4. Rams  7-9


 AFC East                                          AFC East                                                     AFC East 

1. Patriots  12-4                               1.  Patriots  12-4 /  3/1                                1. Patriots – 11-5

2.  Jets  9-7                                      2.  Jets  10-6  /  7/1                                       2. Bills – 10-6

3.Bills  8-8                                        3.  Bills  9-7  /  10/1                                       3. Jets – 9-7

4.Dolphins  6-10                             4.  Dolphins  7-9  /  17/1                              4. Dolphins – 6-10


AFC North                                       AFC North                                                  AFC North  

1. Steelers  12-4                          1.  Steelers  12-4  /  4/1                              1. Steelers – 12-4

2.  Ravens  11-5                          2.  Ravens  12-4  /  4/1                               2. Bengals – 11-5

3. Bengals  10-6                          3.  Bengals  10-6  /  7/1                              3. Ravens – 10-6

4.  Browns  5-11                          4.  Browns  6-10  /  20/1                             4. Browns -7-9


 AFC South                                 AFC South                                                   AFC South  

1. Texans  11-5                         1.  Texans  11-5  /  5/1                                1. Texans – 11-5

2.  Titans  9-7                            2.  Titans  10-6  /  6/1                                   2. Titans – 9-7

3. Colts  8-8                               3.  Colts  7-9  /  11/1                                      3. Colts – 8-8

4. Jaguars  6-10                        4.  Jaguars  5-11  /  25/1                              4. Jaguars – 8-8


AFC West                                   AFC West                                                     AFC West 

1. Broncos  11-5                     1. Broncos  11-5  /  6/1                                1. Broncos – 12-4

2. Chargers  9-7                       2.  Chargers  11-5  /  6/1                             2. Raiders – 10 -6

3. Raiders  8-8                         3. Raiders  10-6  /  8/1                                  3. Chargers – 9 -7

4. Chiefs  7-9                            4.  Kansas City Chiefs  9-7  /  9/1             4. Chiefs 9-7

Well that wraps up this preview/column/predictions,I’ll be back later in the week with the rest of my weekly preview. Till then see ya!

You can reach me on Facebook David Mest Jr or on Twitter @blitzburgh6



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