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The NFL Depot : Week 1 Preview 9/9/12


The NFL Depot

by Dave Mest Jr.

Week 1 Preview

Welcome back to the NLF Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest!

It is finally opening week! If you’re like me, opening weekend is like a holiday, Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. This week I’m going to bring you my preview for my top five games of the week, plus my picks for the remaining games. Plus, we have the Depot’s handicapper Tarn Slater giving out his top five plays of the week, plus his sixth man picks! So, with all that ahead……You guessed it, LET’S GET TO IT!!!!!

                                Dave’s Top Five

1. Pittsburgh vs. Denver: This was an easy top pick for me, as well as NBC. What a way to start off Sunday night football. This game has everything you could ask for from week one. We get two potential
playoff teams, two top ten QB’s, top notch defenses, and of all thing’s, a revenge game. It’s going to be very interesting to see how different both offenses will look, if at all for Pittsburgh under Todd Haley.

We know already, the big difference with Denver’s offense, Peyton Manning. Pittsburgh wants a run first approach, where Denver’s offense will look a lot like, well the Colts when Manning was there. The defenses will pretty much be the same, don’t see much change here. I see this game looking a lot like the playoff game from last year, score wise, and that’s where the similarities end. It’s going to look a lot like any Peyton Manning vs. the Steelers match up, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m call this a Steelers win, and by the smallest of margins. 27-24 Pittsburgh.

2. San Francisco vs. Green Bay: I had this game penciled in, as one of my must watch games of the year. A hard hitting defense, in San Francisco, verses one of the most explosive offenses in the
league, Green Bay.

I Love this match up! But, the match up that has me intrigued, is just the opposite, Green Bay’s defense, verse San Francisco offense. The key point here is, as I’ve stated before, did Green Bay fix their defense? Did San Francisco upgrade their offense enough? Both teams couldn’t have asked for better opponents to answer those questions.

My take on the game, I see a knocked down, dragged out fight. I see this game coming down to the fourth quarter; someone’s defense is going to break down. That someone, in my opinion, will be San Francisco’s. I’m calling this a Green Bay win 31-26.

3. Cincinnati vs. Baltimore: Two teams that hate each other, makes for good football. That’s what we have here; on top of that, Cincinnati has something to prove this year. The Ravens won both meetings last year, sweeping away any hopes of a division title for the Bengals.

This is a big test for the Bengals. Is it the same old Bengals? Or has Cincinnati finally turned the corner? I think the Bengals do have one or two big victories in them this year, but just not here.

I think it will be too much Baltimore, for the Bengals to handle. Cincinnati will have some bright spots, but I think they will be few, and far between. I think Baltimore’s defense will be too much to overcome on the road, for Cincinnati. I’m taking Baltimore 24-10.

4. San Diego vs. Oakland: Another division game! I’m a huge fan of in division play. Both teams have a lot to prove, especially after lackluster play from both teams, over the last few years for San Diego, even longer for the Raiders.

This is going to be one of those games; I don’t see too much defensive football here. I see this as a
shootout, with just enough defenses for a San Diego win. Outside of Darren McFadden, I really don’t like much else on the Oakland offensive side of the ball. I see Phillip Rivers having a great day, while Carson
Palmer will continue to falter, and because of lackluster play San Diego pulls away 35-21.

5. Dallas vs. New York: My pick was Giants win 24-21. But the Cowboy team I said had to show up for a Cowboys win did so. Lots of DeMarco Murray, with just enough Tony Romo.

The Cowboys defense made the plays needed, when needed. The Giants became the first defending
Super Bowl champion to lose, in the mid-week, prime time era.

Both teams showed mid-season form in several eras. But, both showed in other parts of the game, that it was just week one. The one big weakness, for both teams was penalties.

It wasn’t the replacement officials either, both teams made a ton of mistakes. But, the Giants made the most mistakes and penalties. Several false starts, a few which cost them in the red zone and other boneheaded mistake, cost New York dearly.
Outside of the penalties, the Giants secondary was very average, if not flat out bad. You add it all up; you get a Cowboys win 24-17.

The rest on my picks for week 1 are as followed.

Indianapolis vs. Chicago. 31-20 Bears
Philadelphia vs. Cleveland 35-17 Eagles
New England vs. Tennessee 28-20 Patriots
Atlanta vs. Kansas City 23-14 Falcons
Jacksonville vs. Minnesota 17-10 Vikings
Washington vs. New Orleans 34-16 Saints
Buffalo vs. New York Jets 20-13 Bills
St. Louis vs. Detroit 28-16 Lions
Miami vs. Houston 27-14 Texans
Seattle vs. Arizona 16-13 Seahawks
Carolina vs. Tampa Bay 23-14 Panthers

Making his in season debut, here at the NFL Depot is our Handicapper Tarn Slater. Tarn will be giving us his top plays, in Tarn’s Corner.

So here is our first Tarn’s corner.

1. Seattle @ Arizona over/under 41    Tarn’s play: Take the over
2. San Francisco @ Green Bay over/under 46   Tarn’s play: Take the over
3. St. Louis @ Detroit over/under 46   Tarn’s play: Take the over
4. Indianapolis @ Chicago over/under 43  Tarn’s play: Take the over
5. Carolina @ Tampa Bay over/under 46.5  Tarn’s play: Take the over
The 6th man! Buffalo @ New York Jets over/under 39  Tarn’s play: Take the over

Well that wraps up another week here at the NFL Depot! Next week we will have more of the same, with some new things added. I didn’t have a lot of prep time this week, with the season starting during the middle of the week. Till next time See Ya!
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