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Monday Night Mav : 9/10/12 RAW Recap

Monday Night Mav

by Maverick

9/10/12 RAW Recap


Howdy Completely Damaged fans, Maverick here with another “Monday Night Mav” Raw review.

Before I start, Let me say that this article was incredibly difficult to write in light of what happened during the course of the night.  As many know, Legendary Wrestling Icon, and WWE announcer Jerry The King Lawler collapsed during the program.  The last I heard from various reports, he suffered a heart attack, and is currently in the hospital in stable condition (as of me writing this)  Thoughts and prayers go out to the King and his family from myself and the rest of the team here at Completely damaged.

And now, on with the review…

-Return of The Hitman:
Raw began with WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart.  The WWE hyped the fact that this would be in a WWE ring since the legendary “Montreal Screw Job” many years ago.

the crowd gave Bret a huge ovation befitting a local champion and hero.  He thanked the crowd, and addressed the screw job before being interrupted by WWE Champ CM Punk.

Punk and Hart bantered back and forth about Hart’s legacy, Punk took exception to Hart calling himself The best there is, “The best there was the best there ever will be.” and painted an amusing picture of how Bret’s world would be changed had Bret wrestled Punk in Montreal instead of Shawn Michaels.  Punk also took another shot at Jerry Lawler at ringside, whom he had issues with the past few weeks.

As Punk left the ring they announced Punk will compete in a Raw Active match, the fans get to choose his opponent, the choices are: Brodus Clay, Jerry Lawler and Randy Orton.  They announced Bret would be back later to interview John Cena.

-Kofi Kingston and R-Truth Vs. The Miz and Antonio Caesaro
Before things got started they announced that on Sunday the free YouTube Pre-show would feature a battle Royal Royal with the winner to receive a shot at Caesaro’s US Title.  I’ve always liked that idea.  I’m glad they’re bringing it back.

This was billed as an “All-Champions Match” to push the Night of Champions PPV.  It was a solid opening contest.  I believe this will be the start of Caesaro as a Raw regular, he did very well in the match, and I did I think he’s gonna start moving into bigger matches.  It was a lot better than the last time I saw him, during that disjointed match with Santino.

The tag Champions win this non title match after Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Caesaro
WINNERS: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

-Dis order in the court
The next segment was a deposition, featuring Sheamus, his lawyer, Riccardo Rodriguez and his attorney David Otunga.  WE get all the usual recaps of course and then we go to the taped segment.
There were some funny bits here, especially with Sheamus “revealing” his last name to be Lipschitz.  He was joking, but went on to make several jokes that I’m sure someone is going to complain about in today’s PC world.  Otunga continued his ban the Brogue kick campaign here and The segment ended with Sheamus brogue kicking the camera.

-Eve, Layla and Kaitlyn Vs. Natalya, Alicia Fox and Beth Phoenix
When Natty came out my first thought was “thanks uncle Bret!”  and I was actually surprised the crowd didn’t respond to her more considering her Hart family status.

Not much to write home about here match wise, but it did move the story along nicely.  Eve continued the storyline of trying way to hard to show everyone she’s changed her ways.  Kaitlyn being painted as the newcomer getting a shot at the veteran Layla.  The finish sees Eve tag herself into the match much to Layla’s dismay and hits the neckbreaker on Alicia for the win.
WINNERS: Eve, Layla and Kaitlyn.

-Raw Active Match
Before we find out who will face CM Punk tonight he confronts Raw GM AJ Lee about why he’s being forced into a match and No. 1 contender John Cena has the night off.  She tells him since he walked out on the people last week instead of compete, then the people will decide his fate tonight.  Punk turns away and bumps into Brodus Clay who gives him a “what’s up”

Randy Orton is the easy fan pick for Raw active, and we get Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk in a non title match.  I liked the match, it started slow and picked up nicely building to the finish.  I LOVE that Orton is using the slingshot suplex.  As Orton is getting ready to hit with the RKO Dolph Ziggler interferers causing the DQ.  Orton fights both men, but eventually gets cut off and beat down until Jerry Lawler leaves the commentary booth to make the save.  The four brawl until commercial
WINNE: Randy Orton by Disqualification.

-Jerry Lawler and Randy Orton Vs. Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk.
When we come back we find out AJ made a tag match featuring the four that is already in progress.  Lawler hits two fist drops and a great looking dropkick.  During the match Paul Heyman comes out and has a confab with Punk who ends up leaving, allowing Lawler and Orton to get the win after Orton gives Ziggy the RKO.  Vicki came to ringside at some point during the commercial and flipped out when Punk bailed.
WINNERS: Jerry Lawler and Randy Orton.

Backstage Matt Striker tries to find out what’s up with the Heyman-Punk pairing.  Punk simply repeats a quote he made months ago… “I’m a Paul Heyman guy”

-Therapy Redux
Bryan and Kane both enter a room on the false pretense that the other requested a meeting.  Turns out it was put together by there therapist Dr. Shelby, who has something planned for the two.

-Heath Slater Vs. Ryback
Heath Slater comes to the ring and issues a challenge to Zack Ryder.  It seems that after their match last week the two traded insults on Twitter and Tout all week long.  Ryder appears on the screen and says unfortunately he’s not the opponent for the One man Rock band this week,  it’s a different Ry… Ryback.

Ryback eats Slater for lunch, defeating him easily with his march around the ring suplex thingie.
WINNER:  Ryback

Prime Time Players Vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan.
Before the match AJ breaks the bad news to Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, they’re not the number one contenders until they defeat one last team.  Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Kane and D-Bryan ague with each other, and Bryan at one point refused to tag Kane in.  They ultimately win the match after Kane tags himself in and chokeslams Bryan on top of Darren Young for the win.

Later in the night backstage Dr. Shelby tries to get them to work out some more of their issues, which works until they begin fighting over who gets top billing in the team.
WINNERS: Kane and Daniel Bryan

(NOTE:  This is the match that Jerry Lawler collapsed during.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it was obvious that something was going on because in my notes I mentioned the crowd being very disconnected and the very odd gap in the commentary. )

-Alberto Del Rio Vs. Tyson Kidd
Thanks Uncle Bret again when Tyson comes out, and again not much of a reaction for Kidd until he uses the sharpshooter.  Del Rio wins with the cross arm breaker in what is essentially a tune up match.  Del Rio cuts a NoC promo after.
WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

A very visibly upset Michael Cole tells us about the Jerry Lawler situation, stating emphatically that it’s not part of the show.

-Sheamus Vs. David Otunga
A short match with Sheamus beating up Otunga and getting the win with the Irish Cloverleaf.  There was no commentary for this match, and at first I couldn’t tell if Cole was at ringside.  Sheamus leaves the ring, but then he stop as the crowd is chanting for the Brogue kick.  He returns to the ring and obliges, kicking the head off of David Otunga.

AJ comes out but is interrupted by Smackdown GM Booker T.  Book tells Sheamus if he uses the banned Brogue kick at the PPV he will be stripped of the title.
WINNER: Sheamus Lipschitz

Cole gives us an update on The King and tells us that our of respect for the King there will be no commentary for the rest of the show.

-Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes
It was odd watching without commentary, but it gave the match a kind of house show feel.  A good match that ends in when The Miz interferes distracting Rey allowing Cody to hit the crossroads for the win.  Miz attacks Rey after the bell, but Cody hits Miz with the crossroads as well.  Cody holds up the IC title before tossing it onto Miz and leaving.
WINNER: Cody Rhodes

Cole returns to give us a more positive update on The King, at this point they reported he was breathing on his own and they were going to do a CAT Scan.

-Bret interviews John Cena
A really strong interview to bring us to NoC.  Cena was booed heavily at first, but cut an absolutely amazing promo that won the crowd over.  He really slammed Punk and at times Punk seemed to not have a comeback for Cena.  Hart was great here too.

The segment closed with Punk attempting to punch Hart, but Cena blocked the attempt.  Cena wants to fight but Punk starts to back away and swings at Bret again.  This time the Hitman blocks the punch and lay out Punk with a punch of his own.

One last update, Lawler is stabilized and breathing on his own.  Cole wishes him well as RAW goes off the air.

Mavz View:  Get well Jerry.



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