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NFL Depot : Week 2 preview 9/16/12

 NFL Depot

by Dave Mest

 Week 2 preview 9/16/12

Welcome back to the NFL Depot. Just as always, I’m your host Dave Mest. With week one in the books, and week two in front of us, we have some good stuff going on here at the Depot. To open things I have my top 3 games of the week, plus my predictions for the remaining games.
Plus, the Depot’s handicapper Tarn Slater will bring you his top 5 plays, plus his 6th man pick. We also have Bay Ragni, our CEO here at TDTV; bring you his fantasy pick up of the week.

After week one, I took some hits, picked some right, but, in the end it was a very good week one, if you’re a football fan. We dive right into it, with my top three picks.

Dave’s Top Three picks of Week 2

 1. Detroit vs. San Francisco (8:20pm Sun night): I like this match up a lot. Once again, San Fran will get the chance to prove they are the top dog in the NFC. With a solid win at Green Bay last week, the
49ers have another high power offense to deal with. Enter the Detroit Lions. Detroit needs to have a better week, then last week’s stumble out of the gates win at St. Louis. On the brighter side of things, the Lions defense did put together a half decent game. But, half decent will not get the job done against the 49ers offense. I like what San Fran did last weeks’ to Green Bay. Ball control, with just enough big play
threat, I love it. A lot of things come into play, when thinking about this game. Top Two Keys to victory: 1. Detroit has to contain several factors on defense, but it all starts with Frank Gore. Shut down Gore; force Alex Smith into 2nd and 3rd and longs. 2. San Francisco must contain Calvin Johnson. No ifs about it. Shut Johnson down, make the Lions beat you with other players. Dave’s pick: I like the 49ers at home. I think it’s too much for the Lions to overcome, two Straight weeks on the road. I think the 49ers will outclass the Lions in this Sunday night clash. I’m taking the 49ers 31-21

2. New Orleans vs. Carolina (1:00 pm): After last week, both teams have a lot to prove. Carolina’s defense played well, but the offense was another story. While New Orleans Offense seamed in mid-season form, the defense was not, in fact the defense was flat out bad. Looking forward to this week, both teams have things they need to tighten up. I don’t see a problem for the Saints offense, but defense is another story. The Saints just had all kinds of problems with RG3, now enter Cam Newton. The Cam Newton, Steve Smith combo could cause nightmares for the Saints secondary that gave up 100 plus yards to Pierre Garcon. On the flip side of things, where the Panthers defense did an ok job with the Tampa Bay offense, the Panthers offense had little life outside of Steve Smith. The run game was lacking, which put added pressure on Cam Newton, who threw 2 INT’s. It’s going to be a very interesting matchup, who fixed what, and who did not. Top Two Keys to victory: 1. The Saints need to keep Cam Newton in check. The Saints need to use the same game plan as Tampa Bay, shut down the run, make
Newton look for his 3rd and 4th options, and push him into mistakes. 2. Carolina’s defense has to keep Drew Brees off the field. They have to push him into mistakes, pressure him, push him out of the pocket, Brees can be rattled.

Dave’s pick: I think this is going to be a very good, close, hotly contested battle. It’s going to come down to who wants it more. A Carolina team with a lot to prove? Or, a Saints team with more to prove? I’m going to call this one a Saints win 34-27

3. Denver vs. Atlanta (8:30 pm Mon night): A very good match up on Monday night football, for once. Last Sunday night Broncos fans received a treat, the Peyton Manning of old, in route to a win over
Pittsburgh. While the Falcons took care of the Chiefs, in Kansas City. Both teams looked very solid, on both sides of the ball. Which brings us to a Matt Ryan, vs Peyton Manning match up. Denver’s defense looked very solid against the Steelers offense, last week, especially late in the game. This is a good test for the Falcons defense, early on. Denver’s offense should push Atlanta, more than most offenses in the
NFC. I find Atlanta to be a very solid all-around team, especially on the defensive side of the ball, which could give Manning fits. I say could, because there’s not much that shakes Peyton Manning, but it can
be done. On the other side of the ball, Denver has to worry about a strong run game, with an even stronger passing game.

Top Two Keys to victory: Denver has to stop Atlanta’s run game, push Matt Ryan’s decision making ability. Push him out of his comfort zone, keep everything underneath, and don’t let Julio Jones beat them deep. 2. Atlanta has to shake Peyton Manning, push him out of the pocket. Taking away Manning’s run game is very important, as most of Denver’s pass plays key off of play action. Doing so will force Manning’s hand, you can push him into mistakes, especially when he can’t set his feet, Manning doesn’t respond well to a heavy pass rush.

Dave’s pick: This game should be a close contested match up, a QB’s duel till the end, with some defense added in, for good measure. I like what both teams bring to the table, but I think at this point, Denver is a better football team. I’m calling it a Denver win 31-24.

 Now on to the rest of Sunday’s match ups.

Kansas City vs. Buffalo (1:00 pm) 24-17 Chiefs
Cleveland vs. Cincinnati (1:00 pm) 26-14 Bengals
Minnesota vs. Indianapolis (1:00 pm) 31-27 Vikings
Houston vs. Jacksonville (1:00 pm) 34-16 Texans
Oakland vs. Miami (1:00 pm) 20-16 Raiders
Arizona vs. New England (1:00 pm) 31-16 Pats
Tampa Bay vs. N.Y. Giants (1:00 pm) 28-24 Giants
Baltimore vs. Philadelphia (1:00 pm) 24-20 Ravens
Washington vs. St. Louis (4:05 pm) 27-24 Rams
Dallas vs. Seattle (4:05 pm) 17-16 Seahawks
N.Y. Jets vs. Pittsburgh (4:25 pm) 26-21 Steelers
Tennessee vs. San Diego (4:25 pm) 24-16 Chargers

After week one running totals on pure pick em’ games, I’m 9-7. I’m
hoping for a better week.

Now onto Tarn’s Corner, the Depot’s handicapper. Tarn went 4-2 last
week, including his 6th man pick.

1. Dallas @ Seattle over/under 42 Tarn’s pick: Take the over
2. Detroit @ San Francisco over/under 46 Tarn’s pick: Take the over
3. New Orleans @ Carolina over/under 51 Tarn’s pick: Take the over
4. Kansas City @ Buffalo over/under 44.5 Tarn’s pick: Take the over
5. Denver @ Atlanta over/under 50 Tarn’s pick: Take the over

Tarn’s 6th man pick: Minnesota @ Indianapolis over/under Tarn’s
pick: Take the over

Now onto Bay’s Fantasy pick up of the week. Bay says pick up WR Kevin
Ogle tree of the Dallas Cowboys…

Well that’s a wrap for another week, here at the NFL Depot. Till next
week, See Ya!

You can reach me on Facebook: David Mest Jr or on Twitter: blitzburgh6



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