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Today we are writing to just say THANK YOU again to all the great fans, and media who have supported the Unauthorized ECW Documentary Kickstarter campaign and helped spread the word to make this a reality. We wanted to share three new clips we have uploaded to continue to give small tastes of what is to come from this fascinating film. There is still time to pledge and pre-order great “gifts” such as the DVD (which will be replicated at a professional facility as the final DVDs will not be burns or dubs), poster, t-shirt, tickets to the Philly premiere and after party, as well as a home screening with the producers, and even have ECW Wrestlers come to your house or venue to sign autographs and take pictures while talking about the film.



The Unauthorized ECW Documentary not only features very rare footage captured immediately after Extreme Championship Wrestling closed, but also went in-depth with staff, and really deep with the wrestling journalist who covered every movement and action made by ECW. Enjoy some clips from the editing room featuring some of the journalist who lived and breathed ECW as it was happening, in the clip links provided below.


John Philavage the filmmaker of the Unauthorized ECW Documentary released a rough cut of a sub-chapter from the film on the violence in Extreme Championship Wrestling; where Pwinsider’s Mike Johnson was featured and some his words were taken out of context and started a major debate about what he said in concerns to the violence and concussion in not only pro wrestling –but pro and amateur sports. Watch Johnson’s full commentary on the subject here…


The documentary also features two of Pwtorch’s main journalists in Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell. Keller compares Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling and Jim Cornette’s Smokey Mountain Wrestling to see how both companies would fare and where both companies would end. Mitchell talks about the escalating violence and out of control incidents at ECW live events. Watch it here…


Jason Powell of Prowrestling.com talks about the dying days of ECW and what was being said and promised. Watch the clip here…


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