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Mancave Quarterback : Breakfast Breakdown

Mancave Quarterback

by Frank Naimoli

The Breakfast Breakdown

Mancave Rating scale

5 Belly’s Full = that’s some button popping hold all my calls till 2099 good eating food

4 Belly’s Full = Yea I’m on my third plate!

3 Belly’s Full = Meh! It will do

2 Belly’s Full = this it? Who did I make mad

1 Belly’s Full = I’d rather go vegan (no I kid…. but seriously this place sucks)

Hello all The Mancave QB is back with the Breakfast Breakdown!!

I love breakfast and I am on a quest to find a greatest breakfast place in Delaware County, I review 4 in the county and 1 is a must avoid!

First up is Tom Jones Family Restaurant.4417 Edgemont Ave, Brookhaven PA 19015 tomjones24hours.com (610) 874-1055

How can you not like a place named after a Great Singer (Ok I don’t know if that is how they got the name but if makes me feel better) Great place to get inexpensive and good food.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You have to get the Blue Ribbon Special. It’s only $3.89. In addition to the amount of food it offers you, (2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage patties, 2 pieces of toast), you also get a cup of juice or soda (non-refillable) and a cup of coffee or tea (either of which have unlimited refills).

When I went the place was packed it took about 15 min to get seated. Once seated we were served pretty quick and the waitress was very friendly and good at her job.

I got the Cheese Steak Omelet, Service was fast and the portions were good. The Omelet was awesome really tasty, The Hash Browns were well done full of flavor.

The price was $6.95 not bad for all the food that I got. I also got a side of Scrapple which was a huge serving, and a meal in itself.

Over all a good Breakfast experience. 4 Belly’s Full

Next Up, A&G Family Restaurant, 615 S Chester Rd, Swarthmore, PA 19081

Found this place by accident, while looking for another place to have breakfast.

This is a family run place, not expensive, but the quality is good.

Friendly staff and no wait, even though the place was packed (Always a plus).

We were waited on quickly and food arrived in good time.

I ordered the Mexican omelet, eggs, peppers, beef, onions, and three cheeses, topped with Salsa.

Good portion and It had a nice flavor; The Hash Browns were a little bland.

The prices were very good $6.00 for my omelet. Not a bad find will have to try lunch here sometime. 3 1/2 Belly’s Full

Ok this next place was told to me by Carl of Carl’s cards and I say this is one of them hidden treasures.

Boccella’s Deli

37 West Eagle Road , Haverford, PA 19041

I know a Deli? Not a place to get a good breakfast!

Wrong this place is great It has tables to eat you place your order and they bring you your food.

I had a breakfast sandwich  which was only $3.95 and a good size, on a  hoagie roll.

The food was great, the eggs were fresh and everything was really tasty.

The Breakfast platters at this place do not disappoint. They Give Tom Jones Blue Ribbon a run for the money,  good size and around $4.

I also tried one of their cheese steaks and it was really good. Nothing bad to say or see here real good find will be eating here more 4 Belly’s Full

And Last and very least!!

Nifty Fifty’s

1900 Macdade Blvd, Folsom PA 19033 niftyfiftys.com (610) 583-1950

This used to be the place to eat back in the day and the prices were great, Well I guess they got to pay back Uncle Sam all that tax money they hid.

The prices were way too high. A cheese steak omelet was going for $10 and a glass of OJ I ordered was $4.

I mean I really should have got a shot of Vodka for that price. To top it off it was half a glass of pulp.

I ordered a Chili Omelet with Wiz $7.95 was the cheapest omelet on the menu. It was supposed to be 3 eggs, if it was well they was some small chickens. It looked more like a crepe than an omelet and it did not taste like a crepe.

Just take off the E and you’ll get the picture .

The Waitress was good no complaints there . Breakfast for 2 came out to over $20 the food was poor and the portions were small. I also noticed all their prices were jacked up.

Lunch is not a value at all. Will never go here again. Their motto is “Taste the Memories”,, I did all right, but not from the 50’s more like the 20’s because after I got the bill it felt like the great depression . – 1 Belly’s Full = I’d rather go vegan (no I kid…. but seriously this place sucks)

Over all

Boccella’s Deli  And Tom Jones are your winners here A&G is a nice stop if you’re in the area and there is nothing Nifty about Fifty’s!



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