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ECWA Sept 15th Results, Wylde Defeats Papadon for ECWA Title, 3 ECWA Events Coming in October

ECWA Sept 15th Results, Wylde Defeats Papadon for ECWA Title, 3 ECWA Events Coming in October
Chris Wylde ends “Greek God” Papadon’s 560-day title reign to become the NEW ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion!
The ECWA 45th Anniversary Show saw one of the longest heavyweight title reigns on the current pro wrestling scene end at 560 days on Saturday night, as the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Heavyweight Champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde defeated the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) Heavyweight Champion “Greek God” Papadon to unify both championships and become the first ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion in history.
The match did not start off like the usual technical wrestling match that Papadon’s title defenses have become known for. The two champions started the match with a lot of brawling that spilled into the crowd and around the arena floor as the bad blood between the two steming from WARGAMES in July 2012 was still very fresh in their minds.
Once inside the ring, Papadon did control a good portion of the action with Wylde never giving up or staying down and exhibiting his “never say die” attitude more than ever before. At one point Wylde had a very close pinfall attempt when he evaded Papadon’s trademark “Alpha & Omega” (shining wizard) and quickly grabbed him in a cradle for a very close two and a half count.
The beginning of the end was when Papadon ripped off the ring turnbuckle exposing the metal. After Papadon attempted the “Wrath of God,” and floating superplex into a piledriver, Wylde countered the piledriver attempt into a hurracarrana that thrusted Papdon head first into the exposed steel. As Papadon took several steps backward dazed, Wylde seized the opportunity to apply a move that he rarely uses, the Kajahajame, aka the Tazmission (Wylde later revelaed that he learned the Tazmission from the master himself at a recent TNA Gutcheck). Senior ECWA referee, John Finegan, is very familar with this move and the damage it can inflict from his ECW days with Taz. Finegan, right on top of the situation, checked the arm of Papadon three times with no response or signs of consciousness and called for the ring bell and declared Chris Wylde the NEW ECWA Unifed Heavyweight Champion!
While Wylde celebrated, Anthony Cicco, Papadon’s new personal ring announcer, helped revive the former champion with water. As Papadon came to, he raised his arm believing he won. When he finally realized what happened, he went bezerk, attacking referee John Finegan and threatening ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle before security and members of the roster escorted Papadon from ringside.
In the ring, Wylde was congratulated by his peers and brought his young daughter in the ring with him and spoke about his long 2 year journey in ECWA, being a Delaware resident and an ECWA fan as a teenager and finally realizing his dream of becoming the ECWA Heavyweight Champion!
Following the match, Wylde spoke again backstage while Papadon continued to wreck havoc, claiming he was not pinned, he did not submit and that he wanted a rematch on Oct 6, 2012 in Newark, Delaware at the 2nd annual K-CUP Tag Team Tournament, but this time Papadon has requested, and been granted, 2 referees in this match!
In other matches…
The SONS of Blackheart, Armageddeon and Anarchy, w/ Joel Blackhart defeated FUSION DS (Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon) to win the ECWA Unified Tag Team Titles. Following the win, the SONS unmasked to reveal old rivals of FUSION DS, theMidnight Sensations (Chris Rockwell and Sam Shields). FUSION defeated the Sensations in a LOSER LEAVES ECWA MATCH in May 2012. Blackheart explained that he got the Sensations back in under a TWA contract with the owner “the BOSS” Mike Tartaglia before the TWA & ECWA titles were unified and the merger between the two companies were finalized.
In the TOSS THE BOSS, Fans Participation Lumberjack Match, with Fans as the Lumberjacks, ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts & Cole Callaway defeated Ricky “the Model” Martinez w/ Magnum and Gus Grand &‘the BOSS” Mike Tartaglia.
Beautiful Bobby Shields w/ Joel Blackhart pinned ECWA Grand Slam Champion Aden Chambers.
Josh Daniels w/ Joel Blackhart and Tony Mamaluke went to a 15 minute time limit draw/ Mamaluke asked for 5 more minutes, but Daniels refused.
Danny E w/ Magnum & Gus Grand pinned Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian
Napalm Bomb defeated CUJO the Hellhound.
October Events
October 6, 2012, 2nd Annual ECWA K-CUP (Kangaroo Cup) Tag Team Tournament at Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club, Newark, Delaware (Del Adv #170)
First Round Matches
– Nigerian Nightmares vs. Order of the Black
– FUSION DS vs Azrieal & Dixie
– The Midnight Sensations w/ Joel Blackhart vs. Kirby Mack & Derek Ryze
– Ricky “the Model” Martinez & Danny E w/ Magnum & Gus Grand vs. Aden Chambers & Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian
Plus for the ECWA Unified Heavyweight Championship, new champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde (c) vs. “Greek God” Papadon w/ Anthony Cicco and TWO REFEREES
2012 K-CUP Preview
October 13, 2012, YMCA III at YMCA of Salem County, Carney’s Point, New Jersey
Triple Threat Match for the ECWA Unified Heavyweight Championship
“Heart Killer” Chris Wylde vs. “Greek God” Papadon w/ Anthony Cicco vs. Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart
8-Man Tag Team Match
ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La, Coach Jim Shorts, Cole Callaway and SHOCKWAVE the Robot vs. Ricky “the Model” Martinez, Magnum, Gus Grand and “the BOSS” Mike Tartaglia
October 20, 2012, Witching Hour at Sports & More, Sewell, New Jersey
Chris Wylde vs. Beautiful Bobby Shields w/ Joel Blackhart
“Greek God” Papadon vs Tony Mamaluke
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