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NFL Depot : Week 6 Preview


by Dave Mest Jr.

Week 6 Preview

Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host, with a big mouth, Dave Mest!


We roll into week 6, with our top two matchups of the week. Plus the rest of my pick’em games, will also be on tap. We will have as always, Tarn’s top 5 plays of the week, from Tarn’s corner. To end things for the week we’ll get Bay’s fantasy pick/play of the week.


So with that being said…..Let’s get to it!!!!!

Week 5 was real good to me; I hope week 6 is just as good. Not only did I hit my top two games, I went 10-2 overall for the week. So, on to my top two games of the week, for week 6.

Top Two Games of the Week

Green Bay vs. Houston (8:20 Sun Night): This game is my idea of high powered offense, it’s my top game of the week for that reason. Houston is coming off a Monday night win over the Jets, while the
Packers are coming of a shocking loss to the Colts.


Houston is getting it done with a blistering run game, and a very efficient passing game. Arian Foster is tearing it up, once again this year. Foster is averaging 4.0 yards a carry, with 532 yards rushing, with 5 TD’s. With Foster running so well it allows Matt Schaub to manage the game better.


Schaub’s numbers show balance, 1162 yards passing with 8 TD’s, 3 going to TE Owen Daniels, and 2 going to Andre Johnson.


Houston’s defense is also having a great year. J.J.Watt, and company are just tearing teams up, Watt has 26 tackles on the season, and 7.5 sacks to go with those tackles. Houston is going to need every ounce of their defense, against a fast paced, pass happy offense, of the Green Bay Packers.
The Packers loss to the Colts  hurts in more ways than one. They lost Cedric Benson, for what some are calling the year, but the Packers are saying 8 weeks. Either way, the Packers are down to their second and third option at running back.


So, the blunt of the Packers offense will go to Aaron Rodgers, and his WR’s. Rodgers is more than capable, boasting a 96.9 passer rating, with 1299 passing and 10 TD’s on the season, but without a viable run game, defenses can key on the passing game.


Green or Starks will have to prove themself’s or things could get ugly, with no run game to speak of. The Packers defense has come up very small, in big spots, this season. Team leaders A.J. Hawk, Clay Mathews, and Charles Woodson, have to have a bounce back week if they hope to slow the Texans strong offense.


Top Two Keys to Victory: 1. Houston should key on the meager run game, make the Packers prove they can run the ball. Shut down the run force the Packers hand. Now if the Texans can force Rodgers hand with a solid pass rush and mixing up the coverage, which will force turn overs.

2. The Packers have to stop Arian Foster, plain and simple. They have to limit Foster’s carries, keep the Texans in 2nd, and 3rd and longs; this also keeps the Packers offense on the field, and wears down the Texans defense.

Dave’s Take: I saw this as a possible Super Bowl matchup at the beginning of the season; I still view it as that. So I expect a lot out of this game. Right now, I see the Texans as the stronger of the two teams, but that doesn’t mean the Packers can’t pull off the win. With a strong run game, and a very efficient Matt Schaub, I have to call this a Texans win by 3 points, 27-24.
N.Y. Giants vs. San Francisco (4:15): A rematch of last year’s NFC Title game! I think this game should be just as good. Both teams are coming off wins, the Giants over the Browns, and 49ers over the Bills.


The Giants offense has struggled at times, but has been very consistent. Eli Manning continues to use the run game, with either Bradshaw or Brown, to set up the pass game. Victor Cruz is having a great year with this formula, with 37 catches, for 438 yards, and 5 TD’s, Martellus Bennett is also having a good year, as well.


With a strong 49ers defense, Manning has to push ball control, they have to get some form of a run game going early. The Giants really need a solid 3rd passing option, to step up this week.


The Giants defense, on the other hand, is having major problems in their secondary, giving up 291 yards and two TD’s to a bad Browns team. This puts added pressure on the Giants front seven, they need more consistent play from the DB’s or it will be a very long day.


The 49ers offense rolls into the week strong, putting up solid numbers against the Bills. Alex Smith should have another strong week, against a week Giants secondary. Smith is having a career year, so far, with a 108.7 passer rating, and 1087 passing yards, and 8 TD’s. Smith, will look for Michael Crabtree, and Vernon Davis to stretch the field, and hit the Giants with RB, Frank Gore often.


The 49ers Defense is having a great year, giving up only 3 points over the last two weeks. This defense, led by Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, and Carlos Rogers should give Manning fits.


Top Two Keys to Victory: 1. San Francisco has to attack the Giants weak secondary, draw the Giants in with the run game, get the safeties creeping up, and then hit them with play action. Smith should have no
problem hitting Davis, and Crabtree in the seams.

2. The Giants need to use ball control, mix the plays up, keep the 49ers offense on the sidelines, and wear down the defense.

Dave’s Take: I think this is going to be a good one, I don’t see it turning out like the NFC Title game, I think the 49ers are better than last year. I love the way the 49ers defense is playing right now, they are riding a hot streak, one that doesn’t spell well for the Giants. I’m calling this a 24-17 49ers win.

I charged back over .500 this week going 10-2, I’m 40-35 overall for the year. Here’s hoping for another good week. On to the pick’ems’.

All games 1 pm
Oakland @ Atlanta  30-16 Falcons
Cincinnati @ Cleveland  20-13 Bengals
St. Louis @ Miami 21-17 Dolphins
Indianapolis @ N.Y. Jets  17-13 Colts
Detroit @ Philadelphia  26-23  Eagles
Dallas @ Baltimore  24-20 Ravens
Kansas City @ Tampa Bay  28-17 Bucs
All games after 4 pm
New England @ Seattle 23-17 Pats
Minnesota @ Washington 27-20 Vikings
Buffalo @ Arizona  28-17 Cards
Monday Night 8:30
Denver @ San Diego  28-21  Broncos

Now over to Tarn’s corner. Tarn went 2-3 last week, and 12-14 overall. Tarn is hoping to come back strong this week, with his top 5 plays of the week, for week 6.

1. Oakland @ Atlanta  Oakland is an 8.5 underdog on the road  Tarn’s play: Take Atlanta,  giving up 8.5
2. Cincinnati @ Cleveland  Over/Under 44  Tarn’s play: Take the over
3. Buffalo @ Arizona Over/Under 43  Tarn’s play: Take the over
4. Green Bay @ Houston Over/Under 47.5  Tarn’s play: Take the over
5. New England @ Seattle Over/Under 44.5  Tarn’s play: Take the under

One last stop, time to check out Bay’s fantasy pick up/play of the week – Green Bay RB – Alex Green

Well that wraps up another solid week, here at the Depot, till next week…….See Ya!

You can reach me on Facebook David Mest Jr or on Twitter @blitzburgh6



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