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NFL Depot : Week 7 Preview

NFL Depot 

by Dave Mest Jr.

Week 7 preview


Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest! We go into week 7, with our top game of the week. I feel there’s only one game that stands out this week, and I’ll give you my take on the game. We also have Tarn’s corner, as always. We will get his top 5 plays of the week. To end things, we will get Bay’s fantasy pickup/play of the week. So let’s get past all the BS and……..Let’s get to it!


There really wasn’t much that stood out this week, game wise. So, I decided to go with just one game this week. I feel this game should get top billing, due to the story lines, behind the game.


This week’s top billing goes to Baltimore vs. Houston (1:00): Both of these teams have a lot to prove. Baltimore has to show they can get it done, with two key injuries, on defense, and Houston has to show they can bounce back from last week’s beat down, by Green Bay.


Baltimore had everything going its way, last week vs. Dallas, till the loss of Ray Lewis, and Lardarius Webb. Both of these injuries hurt the strong Ravens defense. So I’ll be very interested, in how the replacement players fair, against a strong Texans run game. IMLB Dannell Ellerbe, and CB Cary Williams, both have big shoes to fill, replacing Lewis, and Webb. There have also been talks of Terrell Suggs returning this week, if so would be a big boost, but nothing has been confirmed.


The Ravens offense seems to be hitting its peek, going into this week’s game. Ray Rice is putting up another solid season with, 482 yards rushing, and 24 catches for 233 yards, and 5 TD’s overall. Joe Flacco is also having a good season, leading the Ravens offense, throwing for 1690, and 8 TD’s, with a passer rating of 92.0.


I think the Ravens are going to need every ounce of offense against what should be a very angry Texans defense. The Texans defense didn’t show up last week, at home vs the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers ripped a hole, in the Texans secondary. This Texans defense needs to fix this weakness, or the Ravens passing game, will exploit this weakness, and make them pay. J.J. Watt, and company need to come strong, show they can bounce back, fix the holes, and move forward as a unit.

The Texans offense didn’t turn any heads, either. In fact, I think it might have been the worst showing all year. Despite 2 TD’s, Foster only had 29 yards on 17 carries, by far his worst output of the season. Matt Schaub had a bad game as well, going 20 of 33 for 232 and 2 picks, while getting sacked 3 times for his troubles. The only player, that seemed to show up, was Andre Johnson, catching 8 balls, for 75 yards. So both sides off the ball are seeking some form, of redemption.


Top Two Keys to Victory: 1. The Ravens front 7 has to play strong, keep Foster pinned in the back field, they can’t let him hit the secondary, with replacement CB Williams, and a hurt S Ed Reed, if he does, and things could get ugly quick. Because, if the Texans get the run game going, that’s going to open the doors for Matt Schaub, and Andre Johnson in the passing game. 2. The Texans have to stop Ray Rice, plain and simple. The Ravens offense keys off of Rice, they love to pop play action off the run, and Rice is also very involved in the passing game, and rarely comes off the field. He’s a player, the Texans have to account for, on every offensive play, he’s on the field.

Dave’s Take: This could be the match up, you see for the AFC Title. So I expect good things, from both teams. But I said that last week, and got a dud of a game. But, I’ll get my hopes up for a better game this week. Until the Ravens prove they can get it done, with the loss of two key players, I’m leaning towards the Texans. But, then again, after what I saw last week, how can I. So I think I have to stay with the hot hand. I’m going to call this a close game, maybe a last second FG. 26-24 Ravens.


After a big week, two weeks ago, I came back last week with a stinker. Going a very bad 5-8. This brings my running total to 45-43 for the year. So let’s get my Pick em’s for week 7. Here’s to a good week, I sure can use it.

All games are 1 pm starts

Tennessee vs. Buffalo 27-20 Bills

Cleveland vs. Indianapolis 21-16 Colts

Washington vs. N.Y. Giants 24-14 Giants

New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay 28-20 Saints

Dallas vs. Carolina 27-24 Cowboys

Arizona vs. Minnesota 23-17 Vikings

All games after 4 pm starts

N.Y. Jets vs. New England 31-17 Pats

Jacksonville vs. Oakland 20-14 Raiders

Sunday night game 8:20 start

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati 23-20 Steelers

Monday night games 8:30 start

Detroit vs. Chicago 28-24 Bears


Now on to Tarn’s corner. Tarn had another down week going 2-3, he’s hoping for the bounce back this week. Tarn is 14-17 for the year. Here are Tarn’s top 5 plays of the week.


New Orleans @ Tampa Bay  Over/Under 48.5  Tarn’s Play: Take the over

Baltimore @ Houston  Over/Under 48  Tarn’s Play: Take the over

Tennessee @ Buffalo Over/Under 46  Tarn’s Play: Take the over

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati  Over/Under 45.5 Tarn’s Play: Take the over

Washington @ N.Y. Giants Over/Under 50  Tarn’s Play: Take the over


We close out, as always, with Bay’s Fantasy play/pick up of the week. Bay says grab Green Bay Packers WR James Jones

Well that wraps up another week, here at the Depot. Till next week……..See Ya!

You can reach me on Facebook David Mest Jr or on Twitter @blitzburgh6.



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