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Weekly Angst : Part 3 Present Day Angst


Minions Minions Minons!

The angst has returned!

Part 3 – The Glorious Finale is finally here!

Sorry for the delay but rejoice the wait is over!

We have explored the past and the present of teenage angst and now we look forward to the future of angst as we know it. While The CW is in full swing and not looking to slow down anytime soon we have to acknowledge the leaps and bounds that ABC Family is currently taking.


While starting off slowly and unable to find its footing over the last 4 years ABC Family, previously Fox Family, has had a few serious winners and a few misses.

Reboot/Series 10 Things I Hate About You was unable to find traction with fans but in this writers opinion was under rated and may require a second look.

Greek, featuring the stunning Spencer Grammer (Kelsey’s daughter) was funny and heartfelt.

Jane By Design was unable to find traction despite its strong guest stars are rabid fan base.

One of the most popular early series was Kyle XY a sci/fi mystery starring Matt Dallas about a laboratory created kid with extra special abilities.


Make It Or Break It, a Olympic gymnast television show debuted along side The Secret Life and for awhile seemed to be on track to becoming a hit but low ratings in the third season saw the show quickly and quietly canceled.

The stellar and under looked 9 Lives of Chloe King only lasted one season but I think was just a year short of hitting that supernatural TV bubble and could have been a long lasting series given the right timing.

My favorite of the almost was angst series is the funny and musical Ruby & The Rockits!
David Cassidy playing a amped up version of himself with Alexa Vega as his illegitimate love child had everything I was looking for in an angst filled television show but sadly did not make the cut…

All was not lost however… success has started to show its head for ABC family with the likes of The Secret Life of The American Teenager. While some consider this a 7th Heaven like show, others can accept the show for the schlock and wonder that it truly is!


Following the Gossip Girl formula for successful TV shows that developed out of books, PLL has become a smash hit since 2010 and has even featured its own specials during the off season. Time will tell if the show has longevity but the numbers don’t lie when it comes to viewership and the love of The Liars!



Melissa & Joey came seemingly out of left field. Two former child stars all grown up and yes its a little Who’s the Boss like, but man that’s the best part! Comedic timing at its finest!


2011’s most successful debut is the hit Switched at Birth, featuring new actresses and old familiar faces ABC Family shows us that its OK to cast unconventional actors and be successful. Featuring multiple deaf characters and often scenes of no dialog (aside from signing) SaB has found success… SO FAR!


Once again we find our angst ridden selves finding solace in books to TV conversions. The Lying Game is the latest in this genre and seems to be beloved by its fan base. While not enjoying the success of shows like PLL and SaB, The Lying Game does have a built in fan base and an exceptional supporting cast (Charisma Carpenter of Angel!).. this one is on my close watch list.


Amy Sherman Pallidion’s follow up post Gilmore Girls success has been praised for its fast paced writing and wit.




The loving and hilarious Baby Daddy is up in the air as of this writing but I wouldn’t count this 30 minute laugh fest out just yet.



No matter which side you land on, The CW’s trashy and scandalous or ABC families faux family values one thing is for certain, ANGST HAS ARRIVED and I for one couldn’t be happier.

Until next time (which features November’s Angst Girl of the Month!)…

Stay Angsty my friends.



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