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NFL Depot : WEEK 10 Preview

 NFL Depot 

by Dave Mest Jr.

Week 10 Preview 


Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest! We go into week 10, wow did I just say week 10? Anyway, it’s flying by fast! I have my top game of the week on tap, right along with the rest of my pick’ em games. We will make all the stops, starting with a trip to Tarn’s corner. We will get Tarn’s top 5 plays of the week; let’s see what he has in store this week. Then we will get Bay’s fantasy play/pick up of the week, to end things. So far so good so…….Let’s get to it!



Top Game of the Week : My top game of the week is Houston vs. Chicago (8:20 Sunday Night): We are looking at a short column this week, largely due to an ongoing back problem. So I’m just going to skip over some things, go to my Top Two Keys to Victory: 1. Houston has to play smart Football, when on offense. The Bears defense is on record pace, for points scored, and turnovers.


So, the Texans have to pound the ball to Arian Foster, and Matt Schaub can’t force the ball, if a play isn’t there. If the Texans hope to win Sunday night, they have to put together drives, limit the mistakes, and wear the Bears defense out. If not, it’s going to be a very long night, in the city of Chicago.


2. The Bears must get Matt Forte going early and often. This forces the Texans to play their safeties up, and gives Jake Cutler more room to work play action. The Bears need to keep J.J. Watt out of their backfield, not an easy task, considering the fact that Cutler is the second most sacked QB in the league.



Dave’s Take: Both teams are on a roll! The Texans seem to have overcome the beat down, by the Green Bay Packers. It looked to be a one week hiccup, but that will be seen this week. The Bears took apart Tennessee last week, and looked every part of a Super Bowl team in the process. This could very easily be, the toughest test, either team faces the rest of the season. I just hope for Texans fans sake, they don’t lay another egg, in a prime time game. I just see the Bears being too much, heck, right now there too much for any team. I don’t see a Packers let down, but I don’t see the Texans beating the Bears, either. So I’m taking the Bears, in a closer game. I’m calling this one 27-21 Bears.



Now to the rest of my Pick em’ games. I’m on a roll, as of lately going 10-3 last week. Those 10 wins give me a running total of 74 wins, against 51 losses. Putting me a rock solid 23 games above .500.


All games are 1:00 pm starts

N.Y. Giants vs. Cincinnati  26-17 Giants

Tennessee vs. Miami  24-19 Dolphins

Detroit vs. Minnesota  24-21 Lions

Buffalo vs. New England  34-20 Pats

Atlanta vs. New Orleans  27-24 Falcons

San Diego vs. Tampa Bay  24/17 Bucs

Denver vs. Carolina  28-17 Broncos

Oakland vs. Baltimore  20-13 Ravens

All games start after 4:00 pm

N.Y. Jets vs. Seattle  21-10 Seahawks

Dallas vs. Philadelphia  17-10 Cowboys

ST. Louis vs. San Francisco  28-17 49ers

Monday Night Game 8:30 pm

Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh  28-16 Steelers



Now it’s time to take our trip over to Tarn’s corner. Tarn went 2-3 last week; hit a running total of 21-23-3 for the year. Two games under .500, he’s hoping to break the .500 mark with his top 5 plays of the week.


San Diego @ Tampa Bay  Over/Under 47.5  Tarn’s Play: Take the over

Atlanta @ New Orleans  Over/Under 53  Tarn’s Play: Take the over

Detroit @ Minnesota  Over/Under 47 Tarn’s Play: Take the over

Buffalo @ New England  Over/Under  51  Tarn’s Play: Take the over

N.Y. Giants @ Cincinnati  Over/Under 48  Tarn’s Play: Take the over


To end things out we go to Bay to get our Fantasy pick up/play of the week. Bay says grab if at all possible BEARS Defense !!!

Well that closes out another week, here at the Depot. If you’re a fan of the column, you can hear a weekly NFL Depot spot, on TDTV’s Pod cast. The show runs on a Thursday night from 8:00 to 9:00 pm, on http://www.vocnation.com/


Till next week, and I hope my back is feeling better……See Ya!


I can be reached on Facebook David Mest Jr or on Twitter blitzburgh6



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