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NFL Depot : Week 12 Preview


by Dave Mest Jr.

Week 12 Preview


Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and all is well. We hit week 12, head on! I have my top game of the week, as well as my pick em’ games, and the running totals, all on tap. Plus the regular trip to Tarn’s corner, for his top 5 plays of the week, plus his running totals. To end things we will get Bay’s fantasy pick up/play of the week.
Sooooooo………Let’s get to it!

Let’s start things off, with my top match up of the week. After a few weeks away, dealing with family matters, I’m ready to get back in the groove. I have just the game, to fit my top billing for the week.

Top Game of the Week.
I’m in the mood for all offense, and very little defense, this week. So here it is! Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay (1:00 pm): Two weeks ago, this game might have been a given, for Atlanta. But, not anymore, Tampa Bay has
come alive. Tampa is on a 4 game winning streak, and with a win over Atlanta this week could cut into Atlanta’s 3 game lead. But, that easier said than done. Despite the loss to the Saint, the Falcons, still
maybe the strongest team in the league. So, I’m expecting a battle to the end.
I’m looking for an old fashioned, gun slinging battle. I want to see Josh Freeman and Matt Ryan light it up, I want that 38-35 battle, and the last team with the ball wins type game. I think both of these guys can
bring it. But I think I will have to tone down my expectations.
Top Two Keys to Victory: It’s going to be all defensive keys, because I don’t think either offense is going to have a problem scoring. 1. Tampa Bay has to shut down WR Jones and company; they have
to get pressure on Matt Ryan. That’s what the Saints did. It’s real important, to take Ryan out of his comfort zone. Ryan can be forced into mistakes; it was proven, last week against the Cards. If I where
the Bucs I would use the same game plan, the Saints did. 2. Josh Freeman isn’t that mobile, so Atlanta should force Freeman out of the pocket, because that is his comfort zone. Atlanta should focus on Doug
Martin, because Josh Freeman thrives on play action. You start with Martin, that way Freeman is more predictable.
Dave’s Take: it’s kind of hard to go against Atlanta, but the hot hand is tough to go against too. This is more of a toss-up then I would like, but I have to make a pick. So, here it goes. I like the bounce back week by Atlanta, but Matt Ryan had one of the worst games of his career. If Atlanta is going to win, Ryan has to show it was just a one week thing. Or, it’s going to look a lot like the bad playoff loss to the Giants. It’s anyone’s guess, if Ryan is over the bad outing. I’m having a deal hard time picking the Falcons in this
game, in fact I’m leaning more towards the hot team, in Tampa Bay. So there it is I’m going upset, I like the Bucs to win in a semi shoot-out, 31-27 Bucs.

I go into this week, with another sold out put, in the pick em’department. My running totals are 83-54, for the year, a solid 29 games over .500. So, here are the rest of my picks for week 12.

All games are 1:00 pm starts.

Minnesota vs. Chicago  20-17 Vikings
Oakland vs. Cincinnati  24-16 Bengals
Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland  20-14 Steelers
Buffalo vs. Indianapolis  26-17 Colts
Denver vs. Kansas City 31-17 Broncos
Seattle vs. Miami 17-13 Seahawks
Tennessee vs. Jacksonville 23-14 Titans

All games after 4:00 pm

Baltimore vs. San Diego 23-17 Ravens
St. Louis vs. Arizona 17-13 Rams
San Francisco vs. New Orleans 27-23 Saints

Sunday night game 8:20 pm

Green Bay vs. Giants 27-23 Packers

Monday night game 8:30 pm

Carolina vs. Philadelphia 23-20 Panthers

On to Tarn’s corner. Tarn had a very good week 10, going 4-1. To put his running totals for the year at 25-24-3, a game over .500. So here are Tarn’s top 5 plays of the week.

Buffalo @ Indianapolis  Over/under 50  Tarn’s play: Take the over
Atlanta @ Tampa Bay  Over/Under 49  Tarn’s play: Take the over
Baltimore @ San Diego  Over/Under 47 Tarn’s play: Take the over
San Francisco @ New Orleans  Over/Under 48.5 Tarn’s play: Take the over
Denver @ Kansas City  Over/Under 44 Tarn’s play: Take the over

Now over to Bay’s fantasy play/pick up of the week. Bay says pick up Redskins WR Pierre Garcon

Well that brings another one to a close, if you a fan of the column, or the site, you can hear us on pod cast each Thursday from 8-9 here http://www.vocnation.com/ . Till next week, same bat time same bat
channel, see ya!

I can be reached on Facebook Dave Mest Jr or on Twitter @blitzburgh6



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