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In not just life, but even pro wrestling people get tired of the same thing, time after time, year after year. Change is one of the most difficult things for human beings to accept. We all talk about change, wanting something different, something better –but when change arrives most shun it away like the plague. For better or worse most never even give it a try or shot. However, when that time has come for something –or in this case someone, to step up and take control of his or her destiny, they can not and will not be denied.


Before you bat an eye, sigh, stop reading, or click off the page and become one of those people listed above –don’t. YOU want change, something fresh, new, and different right? You want to know who has been causing a stir since coming on the wrestling scene? You want to know who has really lit up 2012 and is ready to fulfill his destiny at the expense of wrestling extreme legends?


Like him, love him, or hate him LUKE HAWX should be someone you are watching and keeping an eye on. Why? Luke has been a guy that has been working hard in and out of the ring for years now, and in 2012 pushed his way into Extreme Reunion April sell out event to wreck havoc on some of the younger wrestlers showcased that evening, as well as costing STEVIE RICHARDS and the BWO their match against the FBI. Luke has called THE FRANCHISE SHANE DOUGLAS out on many occasions throughout this past year accusing Douglas of the same tactics and patterns that he has called out Ric Flair and others about passing the torch to younger talents and over staying their welcome in the business. All the while Douglas ignoring the younger Hawx’s at every turn. That was until 11/17 in Monaca, PA when Hawx attacked Douglas in his hometown; that is after he shoved Matt Hardy from the top rope to the hard floor where he laid until the end of the event receiving medical attention and the arrival of the ambulance.  .


Meanwhile, Hawx’s has been busy stacking up wins against Richards, and PERRY SATURN advancing himself into the second round of the Extreme Rising Title Tournament taking place on 12/29 at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory where he will be facing Stevie Richards.


Luke Hawx is tasting the Extreme Rising Championship title. He is just two wins away from fulfilling a life long destiny to be champion. He is taking this opportunity very serious as he has enlisted the services of Hollywood stuntman and a top Martial Arts trainer in the World  –J.J. PERRY. Perry is known as a professional stuntman who has appeared in such movies as the new Untitled Star Trek Sequel (in production), Machete Kills, Hands of Stone, Avatar, Iron Man, American Street Fighter, Bloodsport 3, Mortal Kombat, among others. Perry has also trained the likes Jason Statham, Gina Carano, Josh Brolin, and now is training Luke Hawx for his upcoming fights for Extreme Rising  December 29th at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory.


No matter if it’s Stevie Richards, Devon Storm, Rhino, Shane Douglas, or even Matt Hardy; they all may want to think about what it will entail stepping into the ring and actually beating Luke Hawx and his skill sets he possess.


Will Hawx fulfill his destiny and become the first-ever Extreme Rising Champion? Betting men think so. Hawx is in for at least 2 fights come 12/29, he will be ready.



***INTERVIEW Luke Hawx or other Extreme Rising talents by emailing erprmail@gmail.com




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