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Chewin the Fat : My All-Time Most Memorable Thanksgiving Day Sports Moment

Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

My All-Time Most Memorable Thanksgiving Day Sports Moment

Thanksgiving Day, the days were family and friends gather to give thanks for another year of everything there is to be thankful for.

Where everyone spends the day together, eating Turkey, Ham, or whatever their preference while enjoying each other’s company and watching football on TV all day long.

As the football games play throughout the day, and over the years there have been many great games on this annual Holiday. There have also been many great moments such as Troy Aikman throwing for over 450 yds. In 1998, Barry Sanders rushes for 167 yards in 1997, OJ Simpson rushing for 267 yards in 1976, Peyton Manning throwing 6 TDs in 2004, or Randy Moss catching 3TDs & 163 yards in 1998.

The list is endless and could go on and on.

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But here is my personal favorite NFL Thanksgiving Day Moment.

Thanksgiving Day 1993, Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins

It was a frigid snowy day in Dallas, Texas that day. That’s right I said snowy. In those years, the Cowboys dominated the league with players like Aikman, Irvin & Emmitt. Being from Philadelphia and an Eagles fan, it is only natural to hate the Cowboys.

Well scary thought is some friends are actually Cowboys fans, and there was always teasing and bickering all football season long every year.

This year was no different, so when the Cowboys lose, or in this instance blunder so bad on national TV. I get to indulge and take complete enjoyment of their misfortune.

Thanks to Leon Lett for making this a truly Happy Thanksgiving, and I gave thanks to Leon on that day.

It is almost the end of the games, and the Cowboys are winning. The Dolphins go to kick a field goal. If the Dolphins make this field goal they win.

The kick is up, and it is blocked and the ball bounces around, and the scramble starts for the ball.

Players are trying to gain control of the ball, as it bounces through the snow.

All the Cowboys players back off the ball, because time will run out and they will win the game.

leon-lettOut of nowhere comes Cowboy Leon Lett sliding through the snow to try to get the ball. As soon as he touches it, the ball bounces again, and the Dolphins fall on it, and regain possession.

Kick the field goal, and win the game !!!

The best part of it all was the announcer’s commentary, right before Lett touches the ball. “No one would be stupid enough to touch the ball would they” “Ohhhhh Nooooo Leon Lett !!”

So there is my favorite Thanksgiving Day Sports moment and Thank you to Leon Lett for that wonderful and joyous moment.



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