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NFL Depot : Week 14 Preview


 NFL Depot 

by Dave Mest Jr

Week 14 preview

Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest! It’s week 14, and we have a full schedule. I’ll bring you my top game of the week, and my pick em’ games, along with the running totals. We will not
have Tarn’s corner this week. Tarn is battling cancer, as we speak, and he had a very bad week of treatment. So please keep him in your prayers. So, without wasting time, let’s get to it!!

Top Game of the Week.
My top game of the week is, Houston vs. New England (8:30 pm Monday night): This game, could very well be a preview of the AFC title game. Both teams are playing fantastic football, and this seems like the
toughest test, left on both teams’ schedules.
I’m just hoping this game lives up to the hype. I’ve seen too many supposed, “Big Games”, fall flat, this year. One such game, involved the Texans. It’s hard to forget the beat down, Green Bay laid on them, back in week 6. This would be a firm step, for Houston, if they can come up with a signature win that would cap their season, and maybe even a turning point, in their franchise’s future.
With a win, Houston would all but lock up home field, throughout the playoffs. But, New England could close that distance with a win, Monday night. A win, would put New England only one game behind Houston, and would give New England the head to head tie breaker.
Top Two Keys to Victory: 1: New England Defense has to come up big. I know the top key should be, stopping Arian Foster. But, the Passing game has come alive, in the last three games; Matt Schaub has thrown for 1049 yards, and 8 TD’s. New England’s secondary, needs to tighten up its game, they have to make Andre Johnson and non-factor. New England needs to force Schaub into mistakes. Green Bay used pressure and a man over the top, on Johnson. If New England can shut down the pass, they can hold Foster to minor gains, and take away Houston’s play action game.
2: As every defense should, the key to stopping New England, stop Tom Brady, and the New England passing game. The Texans, have to follow protocol, hit Tom Brady, force him to throw on the run, and rattle his confidence, easier said than done. Houston needs it’s linebackers, and secondary, to play a solid game, there can’t be any let downs, or Brady, Welker, and Hernandez, will have big days.
Dave’s Take: I’m hoping for a good “prime time”game, for once, I think we may get one, but I’m still not sure about Houston, we know what we have in New England. I think Houston has to come out fast, stay on New England, and not let up, if they have a shot at winning, in New England. I think, New England is still the stronger team, truth is told.
I know they have flaws with the defense, but they seem to overcome and find a way to win. As much as I don’t like the Pats, you still have to respect them. If Houston is going to pull off the win, they can’t respect them too much, just enough.
I’m going to call this a New England win. I just think the Pat’s, still have too much left in the tank. The Texans still haven’t showed they have what it takes to win that, tight, big game. I see New England pulling this off, by 4 points 24-20 Pats.

We get back to my NFL pick em’ games. After a week off, due to family obligations, I’m back at it, going 7-4 in week 12. 90-58, for the season, puts me a solid 32 games over the .500 mark. So here we go with
my picks, for week 14.

All games 1:00 pm starts.
St. Louis vs. Buffalo  23-20 Bills
Dallas vs. Cincinnati  24-16 Bengals
Kansas City vs. Cleveland  17-13 Browns
Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay  27-17 Bucs
Baltimore vs. Washington  24-23 Redskins
Atlanta vs. Carolina  24-20 Falcons
N.Y. Jets vs. Jacksonville  21-20 Jets
Tennessee vs. Indianapolis  27-17 Colts
Chicago vs. Minnesota  28-23 Bears
San Diego vs. Pittsburgh  26-17 Steelers

All games start after 4:00 pm
Miami vs. San Francisco  24-13 49ers
Arizona vs. Seattle  20-10 Seahawks
New Orleans vs. N.Y. Giants  31-27 Giants

Sunday night game 8:20 pm start
Detroit vs. Green Bay  34-31 Packers

Just in,Tarn sent in some quick picks.
Chicago @ Minnesota  Over/Under 39  Tarn’s pick: Take the over
Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay  Over/Under 47.5  Tarn’s Pick: Take the over
Dallas @ Cincinnati  Over/Under 45.5  Tarn’s Pick: Take the over
New Orleans @ New York Giants  Over/Under 53  Tarn’s Pick: Take the over
Detroit @ Green Bay  Over/Under 49  Tarn’s Pick: Take the under

That brings another week to a close, here at the Depot. If you’re a fan of the column, or the site, you can hear us live every Thursday, from 8-9 here http://www.vocnation.com/

Till next week….see ya!

I can be reached on Facebook Dave Mest Jr. or on Twitter @blitzburgh6



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