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Chewin the Fat : Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

 Chewin the Fat 

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by Bay Ragni

Silver Linings Playbook

Movie Review


silver_linings_playbookMy wife kept asking me to take her to see the movie Silver Linings Playbook after she read the book. Did I want to see it, Yes and No. Would I have waited to Red Box it, yes.

So my wife & I went to finally see it after it has been out for about a month or so now, and to my surprise the theater was actually almost sold out for it.

This movie honestly has it all, and is a romantic love story for us guys.

This movie covers all ends of the drama spectrum of love, with romance, love, hurt, passion, laughs, and a Silver Lining.

Bradley Cooper really shows off his acting abilities in this movie, where he really gets to show his range from crazy to cool, to comedic, to serious to passionate.

Robert DeNiro who plays Bradley’s father, basically plays himself, I think the only acting he had to honestly do, was being a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

This is a must see movie, if you’re an Eagles fan because the movie is based all around the Eagles, and being a diehard Eagles fan made it even more enjoyable and realistic.

So guys, if you want to take your girl to a “chick flick”, where she will see a man in love, get hurt, fall out of love, fall in love, regain his life, have the Philly burbs in the background, as well as a lot of football, this movie is a Win Win.

My wife loved the movie, I loved the movie, and being an Eagles fan myself, I joked with my wife for Valentine’s Day this year, she is getting an Eagles Jersey.

There really is a Silver Lining in life, and Silver Linings Playbook shows you that.


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