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Pop Culture Clash : No Clowning Around Movie Review






xocpodcastheaderI have listened to every episode of the Extreme Odd Couple Podcast with Rob Dimension and Steve Corino.  During one of the episodes Dimension mentioned that he was going to be shooting a short film and that Corino would be acting in it.

I was not sure what to expect when I started to watch the DVD.  I can say I was pleasantly surprised.  Here is the summary of the movie “Edward Blake is a grumpy, middle aged man who can’t shake depression. Once the host of a local Children’s Television show, Ed aka Mumbles the clown now resorts to being a party clown. His biggest problem is, he hates the parents and their kids. His girlfriend, Trixie, has her own demons, yet the two realize that misery is better with company. An accident causes Ed to go off the deep end, with revenge now in his sight.” Dimension has stated he made this movie because it is his interpretation of his daily battle with depression.

On his website Noclowningaround.com Dimension stated “My personal life was full of sadness and pain and mumbles-the-clownfrom that came this story. No Clowning Around is therapy for me, depression can consume your life…it’s up to you to fight back. This is me fighting back. It shows how important a close circle of friends really is.”   In a case of life imitating art the only thing that seems to get Mumbles through life is his hatred for Lenny who is played by Corino.

The movie clocks in at about 29 minutes so it is a rather short look into Dimension’s mind, but it is well worth the time.  I was very impressed with Dimension and Corino’s acting in the film as well as everyone else in what I am sure was a very low budget film.  While I am not a typical movie critic and don’t know much about the making of a film, the directing in this movie is awesome as well.  Dimension and his co-director Matthew Bird do a great job of catching the essence of each moment and making you feel like you are there.

Overall for the first independent horror short I have ever watched, I would say I may have been missing out.  I really hope to see more from Dimension in the future and hope that this film is very successful.

You can order your copy of No Clowning Around at noclowningaround.com or you can see it at Monster Mania Con March 8-10 in Cherry Hill NJ just visit www.MonsterMania.net for more information.




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